Essential Items For A Road Trip – What You’ll Need In the Car

With so much to see and do, Australia is the perfect place for a road trip. However, before setting out in the car, it is important to be fully prepared. A well stocked car is critical to an enjoyable and safe holiday down under.

Essential Items For A Road Trip - What You'll Need In the Car: Australian road trip
Australian road trip

Before you hit the road, here is a list of essential items for a road trip, and what you’ll need in the car.
1. Maps. Australia is a vast country, which means it is easy to get lost if you do not know where you are going. Therefore, always have maps on hand. While GPS systems are useful, have physical maps as well in case the GPS coverage fails.

2. Guides. Guides are more specific, detailing information about certain locations. These guides can not only help with navigation, but guides can also provide insight regarding the best things to see and do during your journey.

3. Drinks. It is important to stay hydrated during your road trip, especially if you are traversing some of the more remote terrains. Bring a good supply of water to last for several days just to be safe.

4. Snacks. It is no fun traveling on an empty stomach, so pack plenty of snacks. Pick snacks that travel well, and individually packaged options are the most convenient. However, do not let convenience trump health concerns, and be sure to pack healthy options to keep you at your best.

5. Smartphones. In this digital age, most people never leave home without their phone, but it is still worth mentioning. Smartphones can help with navigation, making reservations and passing the time. Check your coverage before leaving, and always bring the appropriate charging cords.

6. Music. A road trip across Australia can be an exciting adventure, but there will be some long stretches in the car. Therefore, bring good music for everyone. This will not only keep everyone entertained, but it will help keep the long drive fresh.

7. Emergency kit. While the other items are more about comfort, this one is about safety. An emergency kit should have necessary items in case you become lost or stranded. Items can include a blanket, torch, first aid supplies, matches and more.

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