Living in Budapest: A District Choosing Guide

The historic city of Budapest has become one of the most prominent cultural, educational, and residential centres of Europe in recent years, as tourists as well as golden visa applicants are pouring in to witness the sights, taste the cuisine, and embrace the culture of the region. The capital has also created an opportune environment for start-up growth and business investments with its low income tax and numerous benefits for aspiring companies. As a place of residency, Budapest is not only a beautiful city riddled with historic architectural wonders such as the Hungarian Parliament and the Buda Castle; but it is also a well-functioning eco-system with excellent infrastructure. Here to help you choose your place under the sun in Budapest; is the essential Budapest district guide that all prospective new residents should know.

Essential Budapest District Guide to living there

District 2 – The Green Haven

The city is dissected by the river Danube, parting the two historic parts of Buda and Pest, each with its own unique vibe and feel. Buda lies on the western side of Danube; and is home to the magnificent Buda Castle and the residential, second district. With investment residencies growing in popularity, the second district is becoming an increasingly prominent option for homebuyers.

Essential Budapest District Guide, Park in autumn,green
Park in autumn

Expansive parks and green areas, riddled with all of the necessary amenities that make a neighbourhood desirable such as schools, supermarkets and excellent public transportation, so you would have no problem reaching the city centre while living away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area.

District 5 – The Heart of the City

Speaking of downtown neighbourhoods, district 5 is often referred to as the heart of the city, as it is the cultural, political, financial, and commercial centre of Hungary. Here you will find numerous historic buildings such as the Parliament, St. Stephen’s Basilica, and the famous Váci promenade bustling with tourists, shops, clubs, boutiques, and cafes.

Essential Budapest District Guide, hungary, Rooftop view towards St. Stephen’s Basilica
Rooftop view towards St. Stephen’s Basilica

The district is also home to one of the most beautiful riverbank promenades in Europe; taking you from the Liberty Bridge in the south up north towards Margaret Bridge. As a residential area, the district can be a great place to live; it only depends whether you are willing to share your neighbourhood with thousands of tourists on a daily basis.

District 12 – The Posh Neighbourhood

A more realistic option for new residents might be the 12th district; home to luxurious villas, beautiful parks and expansive natural vistas to the west. Located in the Buda area, this is one of the more prominent districts that programs offering business immigration in Hungary have in store, as the “Hollywood” region of Budapest truly is the pinnacle of luxury and residential beauty.

Danube at night with Buda Castle and Matthias Church, budapest, hungary
Danube at night with Buda Castle and Matthias Church

The district is nestled in the hills of Városmajor and Széchenyi, among others; and is best accessed by car rather than public transportation. You also have the option of using a chairlift to the district or even a cogwheel train. However, the numerous amenities and beautiful living conditions more than make up for the district’s remote location.

District 7 – Party Hard

The 7th district, or Elizabethtown, is an eclectic neighbourhood rich with Jewish history and cultural heritage. It is home to a vibrant community, numerous historic buildings, kosher shops, and casual restaurants. The culture is laid-back and relaxed; with many of the dilapidated buildings accommodating old pubs and cafes, where the hipster community is strongest.

Beer garden in Budapest, Hungary, tables, chairs
Beer garden in Budapest

The district is more affordable than other neighbourhoods; predominantly because of its young residential demographic; so finding an apartment in the quaint streets of Elizabethtown should not be a problem. However, you will have to get used to the unrelenting nightlife of the neighbourhood.

District 13 – Peace and Tranquility

Located just north of the 5th district and its bustling promenades is the peaceful residential neighbourhood – district 13 – with its panoramic views of both Buda and Pest, family-friendly parks, schools, restaurants and cafes, as well an excellent connection to all other areas in the city. You can take numerous trams to different neighbourhoods, while the trolley bus 75 will take you directly to Heroes’ Square and Városliget, the second biggest park in Budapest.

Heroes Square, Budapest, Hungary
Heroes Square, Budapest

With the country fully supporting investment immigration program as a viable way for people to enter the Hungarian market and find their new place of residency; deciding on the best neighbourhood for your needs becomes paramount. With that in mind, be sure to use this simple guide to find your new home in the breathtaking city of Budapest.

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