Solo traveller? 7 ways to enjoy travelling alone

Travelling alone, especially for the first time can seem overwhelming, daunting even. Travelling itself can be stressful, with finding accommodation, places to eat, entertainment and for a lot of us, sticking to a budget. With travel companions, these things can seem easier to manage, you can share the work load and help each other out. Travelling alone however, provides its own range of benefits. Obviously, you can do and see what you want, choose to connect with as many or as little as you want but you also learn a lot about yourself and the world around you. Here’s how to enjoy travelling alone.

enjoy travelling alone,Hiking in Hawaii
Hiking in Hawaii

7 ways to enjoy travelling alone

Enjoy the alone time

Traveling alone might be scary, and that’s perfectly normal, though it’s one of the only times when you will be truly alone. Take advantage of this. Enjoy travelling alone and discover what you like about yourself and what you enjoy when your alone.

By all means, if you are an extrovert, socialise till your heart is content. But doing this alone in a new city is different from doing it in your home town.

Make a website

No matter how solo you want to go, it’s likely that you will want to document your trip and it’s even more likely that family and friends will want to see what you’re doing. The best way to do this is to make a blog site. With the internet today, it’s easier than ever to make a website, for example with help from Digital Exits.

You can easily write blog posts, short updates, or longer journal entries detailing your trip. Having something to do in your down time while you’re away alone can be helpful.

Stay somewhere you will enjoy

The beauty of travelling alone is that you have no one to impress but yourself. This means you can go as simple or luxurious as you want. Of course, your budget will have some say in where you stay, but aside from that you can choose every other aspect.

Hostels can be good for meeting other people, but they can also feel insecure. Hotels on the other hand are much more secure, while having concierges who can provide recommendations and directions. You also have the convenience of a bar, restaurant and room service at a hotel which makes it super simple when you can’t be bothered.

Mobile data is a must

Mobile data is a staple for most travelling situations however its crucial for solo travellers. Having data allows you to research where you might want to go, and then use maps to find it. It can also save you from constantly getting into taxis, as directions mean you can walk more places. When you do need a taxi, you can ensure they’re following the best route and not ripping you off.

Do what you like to do alone

Girl backpacking,enjoy travelling alone
Girl backpacking

As we have discussed, travelling alone might be one of the few times you are truly alone. So take this opportunity to do the things you like doing alone. Read, go for walks, or enjoy doing not much of anything.

Minimise things you would rather do with company. You might find some places you think would be great to experience with your friends, and it can be tempting to push yourself to do these things anyway, but this could have a negative effect. Take note of these places, but try to find other things you enjoy on your own.

Remember that you can come back

This is just a trip, not the only trip. Those places that you come across that would be better suited for a group situation can be revisited with your friends later! Understanding that you can return takes the pressure off doing things, meaning you’re more likely to simply do what you want and enjoy travelling alone. And as it’s you and only you, doing what you want is key.

Live in the moment

It sounds cliché but when you’re alone, you can truly live in the moment. No one’s going to suggest something you don’t want, or interrupt your thoughts. You are truly free to do whatever you feel like doing. Enjoy it. As life moves on you may find yourself with a partner, a family, or caring for a parent. Embrace travelling solo and you will have a positive experience.

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