Exploring Edinburgh With Social Sustainable Travel

Travel is a great way to experience and see the world, learn about the different cultures, taste delicious food and possibly some of the languages, too. As well as being an education in itself, did you know that you could book social sustainable travel with enterprises that organise walking tours, provide accommodation as well as delicious local homemade food in the cafes/restaurants, too.

What better way to travel than by enjoying the local landscape, but also helping the local causes as well?  Here are some of the social sustainable enterprises in the capital city of Edinburgh.

Sonny with Invisible Edinburgh Sharing Dramatic Tales . Social Sustainable Travel
Sonny with Invisible Edinburgh Sharing Dramatic Tales ©MDHarding

Social Sustainable Travel in Edinburgh

Invisible Edinburgh

Invisible Edinburgh is helping change people’s lives, whilst bringing them closer together. Celebrating one-year-old last week, the team took to the streets of Edinburgh with their unique tours and knowledge. Each guide has their own experiences to share on a subject close to them, from Powerful Women Of Edinburgh to Crimes and Punishment.  No matter if you are a local or a visitor, you will discover something new and go away with great memories of a truly original experience.

Greyfriars Kirk with Invisible Edinburgh. Social Sustainable Travel
Greyfriars Kirk with Invisible Edinburgh ©MDHarding

Social Bite

Social Bite is a sandwich shop with a difference! Not only is their workforce predominantly people who have struggled with homelessness, but they also donate the profits to both local and international causes. There are two locations in Edinburgh, one on Rose Street and the other at the west end of Princes Street, Shandwick Place.

Discover what happened when George Clooney visited Edinburgh’s Social Bite.

Grassmarket Community Centre

The Grassmarket Community Project was founded in 1890, and initially provided services to homeless people. Today they support many of the local community with initiatives and skill development, from cookery to photography classes.

The cafe is open to everyone and provides a range of wholesome homemade hot/cold snacks and beverages.  There are also a number of handmade Scottish gifts available.

Grassmarket Community Centre
Grassmarket Community Centre ©MDHarding

Serenity Cafe

Only a few minutes walk from Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh’s Old Town is Serenity Cafe. Set up by a small group of people in recovery in 2009. Today you can enjoy good value/quality food, whilst relaxing in a family friendly location.

Serenity Cafe. Social Sustainable Travel
Serenity Cafe ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s blog and inspired by social sustainable travel. As always I would love to hear from you. Please leave any comments/questions below. Happy Travels:) x

Thank you to Invisible Edinburgh

Disclaimer:  All the above comments and opinions are my own.

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