Edinburgh International Film Festival

The past two weeks have seen many on the glamorous red carpet at this year’s film premieres during Edinburgh International Film Festival. The stars have had a warm welcome not only from the locals and visitors alike; but also with the incredible heat wave (Barmy double figures); bathing Scotland in the hottest temperatures since 1976!


Edinburgh International Film Festival

Edinburgh International Film Festival is the longest continuous running film festival, taking place annually since 1947. Welcoming famous actors such as Sir Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Robert Carlyle, Ewan Macgregor and many more. The festival has premiered Blade Runner, Alien, Back To The Future as well as many others. This year celebrating its 72nd year with 121 new features including 20 premieres from 48 countries around the world.

Opening Premiere Gala – Puzzle

Puzzle staring Kelly MacDonald opened this year‘s 72nd Edinburgh International Film Festival. The gift of a jigsaw puzzle for a birthday present, sees pieces being put together not only in the puzzle but also in her life.


Premiere – Pushkar Myths (Pushkar Puran)

There were many films to choose from but this one jumped out with its affiliation with incredible India. Having visited many times but never to Pushkar, I was intrigued to watch it. Pushkar Myths ( Pushkar Puran) filmed in the Indian city of Pushkar brings together myths and gods, during the full moon month of Kartik. Pushkar known for its camel racing holds a lot more cultural depth. Discover authentic India like you have never seen before.

Closing Premiere Gala – Swimming With Men

Some people do the strangest of things when said to be going through a midlife crisis. Swimming With Men shows how one chap suffering a mid-life crisis finds new meaning in his life when he joins an amateur synchronised swimming team. Directed by Oliver Parker, starring Rob Bryan (Eric), Rupert Graves (Luke), Nathaniel Parker (Lewis), Charlotte Riley (Susan), Jane Horrocks (Heather), Daniel Mays (Colin) and Thomas Turgoose (Tom). In cinemas from 6th July.


It’s always a great time to visit Edinburgh but it’s a unique time during the Edinburgh International Film Festival, you never know who you might meet!  Get in early to get your tickets for June 2019 and of course the pre and post premiere gala screenings. It will be a night to remember, walking along the red carpet. Not to be missed!

There is accommodation to fit all budgets in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. Please pre-book accommodation to avoid disappointment.

I hope you enjoyed reading and you’re inspired to visit Edinburgh during the Edinburgh International Film Festival.  Happy Travels:) x

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