Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017

Edinburgh International Book Festival began in 1983, an annual event taking place the last two weeks of August in Charlotte Square. In Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017, there are over 800 inspirational events taking place including some of the world’s award winning poets and writers. With so many events scheduled for both children and adults in 2017,  the Edinburgh International Book Festival has now extended along George Street.  Here are some of this year’s events/books to look out for.

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017
Edinburgh International Book Festival ©MDHarding

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017

Growing With The Festival

I don’t know about you, but each year I am inspired by the events, people and writers I hear, read and listen, too. On a journey of learning, understanding and perhaps growing older and wiser each year with the Edinburgh International Book Festival as it brings us something different.  This year there is a new range of topics and program themes including the 70th anniversary Uk – India, Outriders, This Women Can and more.

Growing With Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017
Growing With Edinburgh International Book Festival Along George Street ©MDHarding

India & Pakistan: 70 Years On

I love visiting incredible India, it really is an assault on all senses. With 70 years on from apartheid, It has come as a revelation that not everything has been as it seemed. For example, what actually took place in India all those years ago? Now with emerging new and different perspectives, the voices of the people are now being voiced and heard. How it affected the people in different ways, in light of what had happened all those years ago. Many with very strong opinions with not only views of what has happened in the past, but how and what is currently transcending, transcended, with the transitions between UK, India, and Pakistan.

Some of this year’s events include No Dogs, No Indians. A legacy that lingers on, Siddhartha Bose is examining the theme through music and play. A dramatic turn of events that took place alongside the nonviolent side governed by Mahatma Gandhi that was portrayed and remembered by most. A moving performance!

Sunil Khilnani

Stars of India, Incarnations packs in stories to tell about 50 lives from Buddha to Bollywood heroes.

Incarnations - Sunil Khilnani. Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017
Incarnations – Sunil Khilnani ©MDHarding

Dilip Hiro

Bloody Birth of Two Nations, The Longest August tells of the massacre of how 750,000 people were killed and 12 million fled their homes. It is hard to comprehend the vast numbers and how others felt threatened by others beliefs. Even today the soldiers are stationed on either side of the India-Pakistan border. This vision still haunts me after visiting Kashmir in northern India. While I was there, I got to see first-hand the security measures and the curfews that take place. Though don’t let this stop you from visiting. Kashmir is a beautiful place to visit with its traditional wooden house boats on Lake Dal.

Edinburgh International Book Festival. The Longest August - Dilip Hero 2017
The Longest August – Dilip Hero ©MDHarding

Visiting The Edinburgh International Book Festival

Getting to Charlotte Square is easy, only a few minutes walk away from the main shopping street – Princes Street. Accommodation though can be a bit more challenging at this time of year (August, is high season). Please do book in advance to avoid disappointment.

The events have been really interesting and informative. Curious to discover and learn more, are you? Why not come along to Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017, see what you will discover. I would love to hear from you, please leave any comments/questions below. Happy Travels:) x

Disclaimer:  All the above comments and opinions are my own.

Thank you to Edinburgh International Book Festival.

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