A guide to Dunedin Airport

New Zealand is a top holiday destination at any time of the year. This means its airports are often bustling, with Dunedin Airport one of the country’s most visited. Located on New Zealand’s South Island, Dunedin Airport is instantly recognisable by the ‘Southern Man’ sculpture that’s located outside the terminal building. The magnificent bronze sculpture was constructed by artist Sam Mahon and establishes Dunedin Airport as a contemporary airport that welcomes all travellers.

Air New Zealand at Dunedin Airport
Air New Zealand at Dunedin Airport: Photo yum9me / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Dunedin Airport Guide


Nothing is worse than travelling on an empty stomach, but Dunedin Airport’s array of dining choices means you won’t have to. BLD is one of the airport’s most popular cafes and is well known for its fresh fast food menu and proximity to the airport’s children’s entertainment area. For those travellers that need a quick pick-me-up, Bach Espresso & Bar offers a diverse menu in addition to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Alternatively, if you’re running out of time, Expresso Plus is a grab-and-go cafe that specialises in quick meals that can be eaten on the run.

Dunedin Airport Guide
Dunedin Airport: Photo Phillip Capper / CC BY 2.0

Entertainment and Shopping

Air travel is often characterised by long delays. To help occupy those long hours, Dunedin Airport provides a number of entertainment and shopping options. Duty-free shopping is one of the perks of air travel, offering cheaper costs and convenience. Aelia Duty Free sells anything from alcohol to cosmetics, and even offers pre-ordering if you like being prepared. Dunedin Airport also prides itself on supporting New Zealand artists, with an Artist in the Terminal program running since 2010. This program exhibits an artist for a number of months, allowing passengers a taste of true New Zealand art. Previous participating artists include Derek Morrison and Jenufa Waiti.


Dunedin Airport offers a range of services and facilities to help reduce the discomfort of air travel. The airport isn’t just designed for passengers, with ample conference facilities to help accommodate corporate needs. The Dunedin Airport conference centre is suitable for workshops, interviews and more. The airport also provides wheelchairs for the mobility challenged, and a first aid room which is located next to the parents room. You can travel in reassurance that the terminal staff maintain basic first aid training, offering support in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency.

Dunedin Airport Guide: Koru Club
Koru Club, Dunedin Airport: Photo Phillip Capper / CC BY 2.0


Dunedin Airport is less than half an hour away from the Dunedin’s town centre, reducing transport time and costs. Parking is offered at the airport, with automatic paid stations to help smooth the process of entering and leaving the airport. A number of rental car services also operate out of the airport, with their counters located just outside the main entrance. This is especially helpful for those staying in the area for a prolonged amount of time. But if you’re travelling alone, making use of the shuttles can be the best choice. These are often a more cost effective transport option and have fares dependant on the number of other passengers. Otherwise, taxi rates generally begin at $30.

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