A Dozen White Mountains Photos

Nothing is as inspiring as a nice photo post. When I’m in the process of planning a new trip, there’s nothing like a good photo of a certain destination to make me want to go there.

With that in mind, I thought it would be useful to provide you guys with a dozen photographic impressions of the magnificent White Mountains in New Hampshire, a region that makes for an absolutely perfect summer vacation.

12 White Mountains Photos

White Mountains Photos: View from Mount Moosilauke
View from Mount Moosilauke
White Mountains Waterfall
Waterfall in the White Mountains
White Mountains Photos: Mount Washington Resort
Mount Washington Resort, Bretton Woods

The White Mountains cover about one-fourth of the state of New Hampshire and are by far the wildest mountains in all of New England, certain areas being true wilderness. The majority of surface area in the White Mountains is public land, including the White Mountain National Forest and several state parks, such as Franconia Notch State Park, Crawford Notch State Park and Mount Washington State Park.

Speaking of Mount Washington, that mountain is the highest mountain peak north of the Carolinas and east of the Mississippi, rising 6,288 feet (1,917 meters) above sea level and overlooking the rest of the mountains. It’s part of the Presidential Range, a series of mountain tops that are named after United States President and historically important Americans.

White Mountains Photos: Crawford Notch
Crawford Notch
Fall Scene
Fall Scene in the White Mountains
Driving through the White Mountains
Driving through the White Mountains

Although the White Mountains themselves are part of the northern Appalachian Mountains, they encompass several smaller mountain ranges, such as the Sandwich Ranges, Franconia Range and Kinsman Range.

Besides Mount Washington, there are 47 other mountain summits that are higher than 4,000 foot (1,219 meters). Those mountains are appropriately known as 4,000-footers.

White Mountains Photos: Albany Covered Bridge
Albany Covered Bridge
Franconia Notch in Fall
Franconia Notch in Fall

Attractions in the White Mountains range from snowshoeing and skiing in winter to canoeing, hiking and fishing in summer and scenic road trips in fall.

Major highlights are the Cog Railway that runs steeply to the summit of Mount Washington, a summit that can also be reached by car and, after a long exhausting hike, on foot; the Conway Scenic Railroad; and Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods.

Swift River
Swift River
Mount Washington Summit
Mount Washington Summit
White Mountains Photos: The Flume
The Flume

This is a region of rugged mountain, vast forests, waterfalls, covered bridges, campgrounds and huge numbers of wildlife, including moose and bears.

Cars are an essential means of transportation when visiting the White Mountains, so make sure to rent a nice one. Accommodation is present in the form of hotels, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts and mountain huts.

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