Do’s and Dont’s Of Road Tripping Las Vegas

Easily one of the most popular road trip destinations in in the US, Las Vegas has been attracting visitors in their RV rentals for decades. There are many activities in Vegas and in the general area that cover a variety of interests. Many people look at Vegas as simply a place to gamble and catch a great show, but there is really so much more to this city than you could ever imagine. From hiking and camping to amazing eating spots, it’s really unbelievable what Vegas has to offer. If you’re planning on road tripping Las Vegas then check out these do’s and don’t’s for your trip.

road tripping Las Vegas
Vegas at night. Flickr: Matt Madd / CC BY 2.0

Do’s and Dont’s Of Road Tripping Las Vegas


See The Desert

Valley Of Fire State Park, Nevada. Flickr: James Marvin Phelps / CC BY-NC 2.0

This is an absolute must. Just outside the bright lights and sprawl of the city you have hundreds of miles of amazing desert landscape for your exploring pleasure. There are a wide range of hiking trails to explore in this region, and you should definitely do your research and find one that suits your preferences. There are many camping spots as well. There’s really nothing like camping out under the desert stars, so if this sounds good to you then definitely take the opportunity. Even just taking a drive in the desert is worth it to see this stunning scenery up close and in person. No matter what you do, make sure to check out the desert when in the Vegas region.

Check out A Restaurant

Due to the influx of tourists, there are a wide variety of restaurants all over the city serving up a vast amount of different types of dishes. No matter what you may be in the mood for, from high end dining to eclectic and delicious food trucks, there are sure to be several spots that meet your desires. Make sure to look into the different options before road tripping Las Vegas so you can have your plans in place.

See A Show

There are dozens of shows along The Strip and elsewhere in Vegas that spare no expense when it comes to production and presentation, not to mention talent. These shows vary depending on the months and week, so look them up ahead of time to see what is pending for your trip, then book the show or shows you wish to see. These sell out fast so make sure to book well in advance so you can get in to your desired show.

Hit The Casinos

Las Vegas casino.
Las Vegas casino. Flickr: Ana Lauriano Lauriano / CC BY 2.0

Of course there are the casinos, and even if gambling isn’t your thing it is well worth at least checking one out. These spots are all up and down The Strip and are as glitzy as they come. The atmosphere in these spots is exciting and truly unlike anything you will experience elsewhere. For this reason alone it is recommended that you hit the casinos at least once. Many travelers in the area in RV rentals tend to hit the desert and the city, exploring both equally on their trip.


Spend Too Much Time Gambling

One of the risks of Vegas is to get too caught up in gambling and spending all of your time in the casinos. While you should definitely spend some time on the slots or at the tables, spending too much of your trip on these activities will lead to your losing more money than you planned and also to missing out on many of the other activities and sights in the region.

Spend Too Much Money

Although Vegas is known to be an expensive city, you don’t have to drop your whole budget in order to enjoy it. As a matter of fact, many budget travelers find a lot to enjoy in Vegas even for a small amount of money. After all it doesn’t cost anything to hike, camping can be had on the cheap, and you don’t need to go to the glitziest shows and restaurants in the city. It is entirely possible to enjoy all that Vegas has to offer without going broke in the process. Just stay away from the money traps such as highly expensive shows with exorbitant handling fees and high priced restaurants with high priced plates. It is entirely possible to road tripping Las Vegas without going broke.

Each year many thousands of travelers load up their RV rentals and hit Vegas for the time of their lives. This is truly an epic road trip destination, featuring many activities that go beyond the gambling and glitzy shows the city is well known for. From unbelievable desert hiking and camping to gambling and great foods, there is so much to do when road tripping Las Vegas that it can be overwhelming to plan. So take your time and make up a schedule that takes it all in. Then hit the road for the adventure of a lifetime.

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