RV Rental Insider Tip: Roadtripping For $1 Per Day

If you have been putting off taking a road trip across the USA because you think you can’t afford a motorhome  rental, then think again; if you are lucky you can find a dollar per day RV rental. RVs provide many of the creature comforts of home, including comfortable beds, working kitchens, full bathrooms, and televisions.

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There is truly no better or more comfortable way to travel. Taking to the open roads in one of these rigs is a pleasure you won’t want to miss. Fortunately, there are a number of options for renting an RV for your trip that do not involve spending thousands of dollars. As a matter of fact, there are ways for you to grab a top-of-the-line dollar per day RV rental. If this sounds too good to be true, then read further and you will be convinced of the reality.

The Basics

There are thousands of individual RV rental locations located across the country, from large lots to smaller specialist shops. Many of these locations are a part of larger chains that are owned or co-owned by a single entity. Oftentimes these locations need to shift vehicles around in order to meet inventory demands, moving one or multiple rigs back and forth between lots.

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Camping out with an Apollo RV Rental

The cost for this transportation doesn’t come cheap. Special moving vehicles are required, which means steep rental fees and costs for hiring moving specialists, drivers, and other hidden costs. Like all smart businesses, the RV rental agencies have figured out a great way to avoid these costs while still accomplishing the vehicle relocations they require for their inventories. Their technique has great benefits for travelers looking for a great deal on an RV rental. This deal is known as RV relocation.

RV rental agencies would much prefer to use a traveler to deliver the vehicle to its new location, offering a vastly reduced fee, even just a dollar per day RV rental plus a fuel allowance, for individuals willing to deliver the vehicle to the new location within a specified time frame. So if you thought it was impossible to rent a great rig for a solar per day, then think again. All you have to do is check the website at your local RV rental facility to see their listings, or call and ask what deals they have on offer. Chances are you will be able to score a great deal.

Is There A Catch?

Like with all agreements you should ask questions and read the fine print; but for the most part there is no catch to these agreements. The dealership is simply looking to get the vehicle to the desired location; and is not looking to rip off the driver. It is a great deal for them, just like it is a great deal for you. The main thing you will have to worry about are the specifics of the agreement in terms of delivery location and time frame.

The rental company will generally give you a timetable for the delivery of the vehicle to its new destination. You will therefore have that amount of time to enjoy the RV just like you would a regular rental. You can camp out at RV parks and enjoy destinations along the way. Many times you will have a fuel allowance as well. Many companies do put a limit on the amount of miles you can rack up; so make sure to have this established so that you can map out your route.

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“HomeSweetRoad’s Cockpit”: Photo on Flickr by H. Michael Miley / CC BY-SA 2.0

Just like with any rental, you will have to watch out for damages and keep the rig clean and well-maintained. Another issue to consider is that you will be dropping the vehicle off at a specific location; meaning you won’t be able to drive it back. This could have an effect on the gear that your bring and will mean that your transportation home will have to be arranged elsewhere.

A Certain Type Of Traveler

These deals require a certain type of traveler in order to work well. Since you will not be able to stray too far off course; some of the spontaneity of travel will be lost on this type of journey. If you like to wander and not stick to a pre-scheduled route, then you will have to adjust your ways for this trip. Another aspect to consider is the end location, which is obviously a definite in this case. Oftentimes travelers enjoy leaving the end destination open, but you will not get this option for a deal such as this. That end destination is set in stone.

The perfect traveler for this setup is someone who is streamlined and looking to make the best of their journey; while keeping in mind the end purpose of the journey and sticking to the route and time frame. As long as you can merge your duties with your sense of fun and adventure; then you can easily handle this type of roadtrip.

Yes, renting a terrific rig for only a dollar per day is not only possible, it is common. Make sure to check out the options at your local RV dealer.

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