Ditch The Hotel Room For a Cottage or Vacation Home

Have you ever thought of booking a cottage or vacation home instead of an ordinary hotel room? If you haven’t, then you’ve really been missing out on something. Staying in hotel rooms is an old trend that’s getting replaced by staying in cottages and exclusive vacation homes. There are many reasons for this transition. The most important is the ability to enjoy more than just a room in a cottage or vacation home.

There are many reasons why you should spend your next holiday in a cottage or vacation home. Here are some of the perks of staying in a cottage.

cottage on a lake with reflections; cottage or vacation home
Vacation residence with reflections

Privacy of an entire home

The privacy that a cottage or vacation home offers is much more than that of a hotel room. In a hotel, you are only entitled to privacy inside your room. But in a cottage or vacation home, you can enjoy exclusivity and privacy in all parts of the home.

If your own home offers the same privacy, how is it a vacation staying in a cottage or vacation home? A vacation home or cottage offers you pretty surroundings and scenery to admire, which aren’t always available at home. You’ll be free to snooze on the patio or play with your children on the lawn. Staying in a cottage on a vacation gives you the freedom to do whatever you want.

Stay together, vacation together

When you stay at a hotel, at the end of the day your family returns to their individual rooms. That takes away the fun of cooking and gossiping together at the dining table. A cottage or vacation home gives you the opportunity to stay together to eat, cook and enjoy conversations together.

The individual rooms in a cottage still give you the freedom to have your privacy when you need it. This is especially beneficial if you have more than one family going on vacation together. It gives the families a chance to stay together in the same home while also having their privacy in rooms.

Live like you belong there

The best part about staying in a cottage or vacation home is that you can imagine what living there feels like. You get to live like a local resident of the place with your own home. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings for as long as you want. Interact with the locals and take back not just memories of the city, but also an experience of belonging there.

people shopping at fruit and veg farmers local market; cottage or vacation home
Farmers Local Market

Cook what you want

If you enjoy cooking, staying in a cottage or vacation home is your best accommodation arrangement for your vacation. Cottages and vacation homes give a food lover the freedom to cook whatever and whenever they want. Whether it’s breakfast in bed for your loved one or something for midnight cravings, you can cook any time.

Make a nice evening meal for your family or just enjoy baking your favourite cookies. In a cottage or vacation home, you don’t have to worry about strict breakfast and meal timings. It’s your own place. The only difference is, you’re on vacation and are not going to be late for any meetings the next morning.

More peaceful

If you’re planning a vacation for peace and relaxation, you cannot do better than a cottage or vacation home. The quiet, peace and serenity of a cottage will be far better and more than that of a hotel room. Hotels are commercial spaces shared by a lot of people at one time. A cottage will give you the privacy and peace you need to relax. You and anyone accompanying you will be the only occupants.


Cottages and vacation homes have barbeque grills and jacuzzis for the exclusive use of you and your family. The best part about cottages is that you can use their amenities and services anytime you want. There are no strict rules or regulations about the usage of amenities. You have the freedom to have a true vacation without any limitations. If you really want to feel free, relaxed and away from the hustle and bustle of the commercial world, a cottage is the way to vacation.

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