Discover The Best Thing About Travelling The World

There are experiences you just can’t buy while travelling the world and that is meeting the most amazing people. No matter what country you are travelling in, there will be an extraordinary encounter. Join me as we travel around the world and meet some of the world’s most friendly and humble people.

Travelling The World, Nepalese people
Nepalese Some of the Friendliest People in the World ©MDHarding

Discover The Best Thing About Travelling The World – Meeting Its People


India is full of bright colours, delicious spicy food and has the most wonderful people. Wherever you go, from the corner tea seller to the market, or visiting one the best tourist attractions. There will be someone interested in talking with you and even take a selfie with you.

This was the lovely gentleman that took me around the south of India for two weeks in his taxi. He didn’t speak much English but we managed and had the most amazing time! Here we are taking the local ferry in Cochin, what an adventure. It was mostly used by locals as a quicker way to get from one point to another without driving the long way around.

Travelling The World, india
Wonderful People From Around The World – India ©MDHarding


One of the most spectacular destinations on earth with its glaciers, leaping salmon and much more is Alaska! The best way to visit is with a cruise, travelling to the beautiful ports of Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway. While visiting, there is a number of experiences of a lifetime you can enjoy such as taking a helicopter tour over the Mendenhall Glacier and on to take a dog sledge ride. The guides are highly experienced and love to share their passion with you. Did you know some have or are competing in The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race? 

Travelling The World, husky base camp
Husky Base camp ©MDHarding


No matter how you travel, you will meet people from around the world. I have the nicest conversations while standing in line waiting to check in for a flight or travelling as part of a tour group around a different part of the world. While on a gap year in Australia I met the most inspirational people from all walks of life including a tree surgeon from the UK. Inspired to visit the land down under? Don’t miss a trip to experience sand surfing.

Travelling The World, australia sand dunes, surfing
Sand Surfing, Australia ©MDHarding


You will meet some of the world’s friendliest people employed in the travel and tourism industry, this could be the guide escorting your walking tour or your flight attendant. Everyone in the industry is passionate about travel and forgoes working unsociable shifts and trying to have a work-life balance.  This knowledgeable gentleman is volunteering at The Black Watch Castle & Museum located in Perth, the beautiful and historic area of Perthshire. While visiting, don’t miss exploring The Black Watch Castle – Balhousie Castle, dated back to the 12th century, all the displays, the delights of the cafe and special mementos in the gift shop.

travelling the world, The Trench, Black Watch Castle Museum
The Trench, Black Watch Castle Museum ©MDHarding

New England

Locals can give you the most incredible insights into hidden gems and knowledge. So when your travelling the world ask locals questions and you never know what you might discover!

travelling the world, ,lobsters,new england,usa
Lobsters of New England ©MDHarding

I hope you enjoyed reading, inspired to get out and meet the world’s people. Happy Travels:) x

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