Discover The Arctic World of Greenland

Despite the domineering Ice Sheet taking up more than 80% of the total landmass, Greenland is more than just ice. The Arctic wonder holds a large variety of unique Arctic attractions, making Greenland a must-see place for world travelers. With icebergs the size of skyscrapers, an incredible Arctic fauna, and a unique Iniut culture, Greenland is definitely worth a visit. More specifically, what sets Greenland out from any other destination, is the Big Arctic Five. The five core attractions including Dog Sledding, Northern Lights, Ice and Snow, Pioneering People and Whale Watching, gives you an amazing Greenlandic touch, making Greenland a destination, you will never forget.

An Arctic Adventure: The Big Arctic Five

Greenland is often neglected as a unique travel destination, as the country is associated with nothing but ice and snow. However, each year the world’s largest island impresses thousands of tourists with its Arctic attractions. There is something about experiencing the majestic ice-covered landscapes from the perspective of a dog sled while the sun reflects its bright beams in the surface of the gleaming ice. Dog sledding has been the number one mean of transportation since the ancestors came to Greenland more than 4000 years ago, and is today a mix of daily transportation and tourism, as the attraction forms the foundation of a cultural experience as well. This experience also brings you to meet the pioneering people, who can be defined as the core of the Greenland experience.

Discover The Arctic World of Greenland: Dog Sledding in Greenland
Dog Sledding in Greenland

Another unique experience forming the identity of Greenland, is the Northern Lights. While reaching down from space, the amazing and colorful lights brightens up the night with a sense of magic. The Northern Lights is an experience you will never forget, and will even bring Greenlanders to the streets when the lights are dancing on the night sky. Together with the incredible opportunity of watching the majestic creatures under the surface of the dark ocean, Northern Lights is one of the most desired experiences when visiting Greenland. The Arctic wonder forms the basis of a unique adventure giving you everything from beautiful nature and majestic landscapes to an amazing fauna. Underneath the surface of the ocean a number of whales species hide. Seeing such a magnificent creature right in front of you, whether it is the killer whales on hunting sprees or the fast narwhals zipping in between cracks in the sea ice, is an experience to remember.

Arctic Wildlife From Coast to Coast

The unique world of Greenland offers wonderful experiences. The ice-covered landscape impresses many tourists with its shiny surface and beautiful look. The enormous icebergs create a majestic world which is hard to find at any other place in the world. And the great animal kingdom of Greenland, is amazing to go explore as well. The unique and wild animal species of Greenland consist not only of marine animals but also of a terrestrial fauna. With fluffy polar bears and traveling reindeers with incredible antlers, the wildlife of Greenland is something that everyone should experience. Despite of the enormous Ice Cap, the animal kingdom of the world’s largest island is wild and spirited. The fjords do not pose a hurdle for land mammals, the birds create their own highways through the arctic airspace over fjords, sea and mountains, and the ocean animals are all tied together through a global, borderless ecosystem.

Discover The Arctic World of Greenland: Whale Watching
Whale Watching in Greenland

Greenland On The Definitive Bucket List

But in a world with warmer temperatures, the wonderful world of Greenland is highly threatened. Even though the domineering coast-to-coast Ice Sheet currently reaches a thickness of 3 kilometers, the Arctic Wonder is slowly melting. A trip to Greenland lets you experience not only the beautiful icy country, but also the effects of global warming with your own eyes. Last week National Geographic published its annual ‘Best of The World’ list. The Traveler’s Magazine ranked Greenland as a Top 20 of the best destinations in the world. The nomination came right after Greenland last month was ranked by Lonely Planet as a Top 10 country to visit in 2016. This brings Greenland into focus as a unique travel destination, and hopefully brings the melting Arctic wonder into focus. Greenland is a destination that shows the truth of why we should take care of our globe.

Discover The Arctic World of Greenland: The Sea Ice in Kulusuk
The Sea Ice in Kulusuk

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