Discover some of the hottest European destinations to visit in 2017

Europe offers visitors plenty of reasons to visit for a trip in 2017. Many people want to immerse themselves in a destination for a truly great experience during that dream holiday. And what about you? Where should you go on your next trip? There are plenty of things to do and see for travellers throughout the year in some of the countries in Europe. Find below a list of must see 2017 European destinations to go on holiday.

2017 European Destinations

The Hottest 2017 European Destinations to Visit


Italy offers amazing places to go in the year ahead. If you are looking for Italy’s most modern and advanced city, head in Milan. As a matter of fact, it is the center of fashion and design. The city itself has a vibrant food and drink scene. With its tasty food, it can be a whirlwind experience for everyone. Venice is another popular destination to visit in 2017. Venice is one of the best cities in Italy to travel in the upcoming year. There’s much more to enjoy here: extravagant museums and art galleries like Palazzo Ducale, Basilica di San Marco, Friar Basilica, Gallerie dell’Accademia di Venezia, Ducal Palace and Jewish Museum. You cannot afford to miss some of the churches dotted across the city that will offer you antique history glories aplenty.

2017 European Destinations


Why not admire Spain’s main attractions at your best in 2017? There are many spots in Spain for 2017 you shouldn’t miss out. Spain will be brimming with new hotels and restaurants. You will discover so many places that are definitely worth visiting. It’s no wonder why Madrid is one of the most-visited cities in Spain. In fact, it is a great city with an open-minded culture. Thanks to its abundance of arts, culture, and entertainment, it is about to get a whole lot more accessible. You can also find nightlife in every place in Madrid. On the other hand, whether you visit Barcelona next year, there are excellent museums, temples, and family-run tapas bars to find out. In addition, you will be heading to golden beaches. Indeed, there are seven pristine beaches there that are perfect 2017 European destinations for cooling off.

2017 European Destinations


Whatever you are looking for in 2017, you can be sure to find it in France. At first, if you want to enjoy city life or in search of a dream destination in 2017, go to Paris. The city is home to beautiful palaces, boulevards, bars and hidden restaurants serving fusion cuisines. Additionally, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so it can be a fun destination. In the event you are heading there, you will enjoy outdoor attractions as you can uncover intimate parks and gardens. Perhaps you are interested in sunning yourself, so go along the French Riviera. There are popular beaches you will enjoy in 2017. Therefore, you will meet the world’s demand to visit this stunning city by the sea. However, if you’re feeling green yourself, visit Provence and explore its mesmerizing places by bicycle or by a rental car as at GP Luxury Car Hire. It’s up to you.

2017 European Destinations

The Netherlands

Netherlands is home to a diverse set of experiences perfect for anyone. You will find great things to do year-round there. Visit Amsterdam that is rich in history and art. This city offers something fascinating and unique. As a case in point, you will find top-ranking art museums. Also, you will discover Netherlands’ best orchestras. For nature lovers seeking an adventure, pay a visit to Texel. This island will offer you a large selection of unique activities that can fulfill almost any wish that you may have in 2017 European destinations. These include, skydiving, boat tour, horse riding, surfing, canoeing, rafting, kayaking and sailing.

2017 European Destinations

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