Digital Detox Travel: Destination Unplugged

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There are innumerable ways to travel the world and go on adventures whilst staying connected to life at home. With social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram constantly demanding our attention, it can sometimes feel as though we aren’t really vacationing at all. If you are someone who is constantly plugged into electronics, digital detox travel may be for you.

So what, exactly, is digital detox travel?

Digital detox travel is traveling while literally detoxifying yourself from the digital world. In other words, putting the cellphone, tablet and computer away while traveling.

No constant vibrations or incessant dings as you waltz through the streets of Quebec or Paris. No annoying and all-consuming need to constantly be checking your email. Just you and the world in motion around you.

There are several ways to do this type of travel. However, ultimately the execution has to fit your ideal situation and need. In short, digital detox travel is extracting yourself from the online world and rooting yourself firmly in this one.

Who is digital detox travel for?

Digital detox travel is for everyone! Modifications can be made to fit any individual or family unit desiring time away from electronics. If you want to spend more time focused on the world around you, then this is for you.

Digital detox travel doesn’t have to mean giving up all forms of communication and documentation of your trip. It just means unplugging yourself for a bit. For example, if you would like to take photos, consider bringing a handheld camera so you can leave your phone in your hotel room.

Invest in paper maps and plan ahead. If necessary, schedule a little time to check your phone for work calls or family communication.

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Some perks of digital detox travel

  • Rooting yourself in the moment. You won’t be constantly reaching for your phone and checking Instagram, taking you out of the present moment. Leave the phone in the hotel room and find yourself more open to the world around you.
  • You’ll be living for YOU and not your followers. If you really think about it, posting photos can come after the trip is over. Take a camera with you to document the trip and put the phone away. Live for what YOU think, and not what you think your followers will want to see.
  • The habit can continue into daily life.There’s no reason why this habit of being unplugged and mindful in the moment wouldn’t translate into your daily life at home. You may find that time away from electronics is healthier for you and will make you happier upon your return to everyday life.

The benefits are personal

Ultimately, digital detox travel is a very personal decision that might open your eyes to see the world around you more clearly. There is no one way to do it, and there is no pressure to do it or operate in a way that does not resonate with you.

Digital detox travel is a lovely, grounding way to remain present in the moment and a conscious effort to live and adventure for the one person that truly matters in your experience — you! This can be a family choice or a singular choice, but it is not one that you will regret making.

You may find you know more about yourself at the end of your trip, and you will definitely know more about the world around you. Familiarizing yourself organically within a space and not relying on sites such as Yelp to recommend restaurants and other experiences will allow you to truly learn the space or city that you are in.

This will connect you more with the world thriving around you, and take you out of that electronic bubble of requirement and expectation.

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