Tips For Budgeting A Destination Wedding

Organizing a destination wedding is a challenging, yet worthwhile experience when properly planned. Having your closest friends and family members together in one of your favorite places in the world when you say “I do” is a truly special experience. The most important thing you can do when planning a destination wedding is to properly budget yourself and find ways to save money along the way. Here are a few destination wedding budgeting tips to help you reduce the stress of planning and save some money!

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4 Destination Wedding Budgeting Tips

1. Turn it into a vacation

A huge way to save money on a destination wedding is to have the ceremony on a weekday. Think about it – your friends and family are already considering this a vacation. Arrive at your location on the weekend, have the wedding on Monday or Tuesday, then stay for the rest of the week or even leave midweek! Venue and room rates tend to be much cheaper from Sunday-Thursday. This a frugal option that still allows you to enjoy plenty of time in paradise while dramatically cutting down on lodging costs for you and your guests.

Take out a personal loan

This might seem daunting to do, but taking out a low-interest personal loan for your wedding is an awesome way to budget your spending. When you take out a loan, you know that you have X amount of money to spend. Then, you and your spouse can make a payment plan for after the wedding and decide how quickly you can pay back the loan. Spend now, and stress about the payment later, not in the midst of planning!

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Skip the wedding party

When budgeting a destination wedding, you probably already know to pare down your guest list. Not having a wedding party is another way to ensure everyone you want to be in attendance at your wedding will be; it will also make it easier to stick to your allotted number of guests. Take those special friends and family members and include them in your regular guest list. Surely, these awesome people in your life will still be there to support you along the way and help you with planning. Plus, this helps you save on the costs of their wedding attire, thank you gifts and floral arrangements.

Don’t spend loads on the dress

Utilize a site like Tradesy to purchase the wedding dress of your dreams. You can get a stunning, designer dress at a fraction of the original cost on this resale site. When it comes to planning a destination wedding, it’s smart to save money in any way you can; this allows you to cut back on what is normally a huge wedding expense. Then, after the ceremony, you and your new spouse can plan a trash the dress shoot with your photographer. This will offer you both a fun memory of your unique destination experience.

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Budgeting a destination wedding is not a task for the faint-hearted. However, with a few tips on how to budget yourself and help you save money, a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders! What are a few things you did to save money while still achieving your dream destination wedding? Let me know in the comments below!

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