Holiday Hotspots to Visit During the First Three Weeks of December

December drives a hard bargain. This is, after all, a festive month filled with joyous celebrations and pivotal dates. While the price range for traveling arrangements can become mercilessly steep as the year approaches the “refresh button”, the first two-thirds of the month are calm before the storm. For the short but sweet holiday filled with wonderful opportunities, serene atmosphere and reasonable prices, here are
December holiday hotspots to visit during the first three weeks of the month.

Top December holiday hotspots


The city-state of Singapore is underappreciated as a destination for the holiday season. If  you want to catch a break from the dour freezing weather, head to this old British colony for a diverse adventure in a futuristic city. Singapore looks spectacular as the night-lights gleam into the sky, and its hyper-modern cityscape is a sight to behold. You might even say that the city shines like a gigantic, abstract Christmas tree. Shopping malls on the Orchard Road are an exciting playground for a holiday shopping spree and the Gardens by the Bay are drop-dead gorgeous.

December holiday hotspots

New York City

Central Park in the winter is a treat of the highest order. Christmas spirit is strong in Manhattan weeks before the big date hits, so you can have the ultimate urban experience this December with all the perks and none of the downsides. The storefronts on the Fifth Avenue are covered in festive ornaments and even the biggest curmudgeons that hail from this metropolis have a skip in their step. Even if the ice-skating is not your forte, you simply have to experience the ice rink at Rockefeller Center. If it is, this is your lucky vacation!

Holiday Hotspots to Visit During the First Three Weeks of December


Imagine the grand stroll on the promenade of Lake Zürich before a glamorous photo shoot on the plateau in front of the snow covered Opera House. While Germany is an obvious choice for a December adventure, one should not overlook the sheer potential of delightful Switzerland travel arrangements. While it is a given that this country is costly, it is nonetheless a charming geographical Christmas present you deserve. The Alps in December have a winter-fairytale charm that cannot quite be replicated by any other European location, and Switzerland has some of the most luxurious and popular mountain resorts where you can enjoy a range of snow sports this time a year. 


For a complete 180 when it comes to December escapades, head to Argentina for the lavishing wine tour. The grapevine season is in full swing and the Andes look appropriately amazing covered in snow. In addition, should your travels take you further inland, see if you can stop by Godoy Cruz in the province of Mendoza. A “notorious” beer festival rages on in this town for four days in December, and it promises the wild nights of live music, partying and all-around good times!

December holiday hotspots


Moscow is a category of its own in December holiday hotspots. Since it is an Orthodox Christian country, Christmas comes after New Year’s Eve; so you should be clear for an incredible December holiday in this epic city. The upside of this destination is that the lack of tourists gives you a lot of elbow space to take in the enchanting scenery. Moscow doesn’t spring to mind as a viable location for most worldwide tourists for some reason; so you won’t have to mingle with crowds on the Red Square or wait in line for a museum visit. Suddenly, the city becomes far more approachable –and one of the most wonderful December holiday hotspots.

December holiday hotspots

If the travelling bug bit you hard and you have this inexplicable yearning to embark on an adventure immediately. Then December is a wonderful month to sightsee; just as long as you avoid the holiday madness of its final week. Within a reasonable price range, you get a chance to catch the electrifying buzz of Christmas spirit; without having to suffer through hectic crowds and superficial hype.

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