Day Trip to Fredericksburg, VA

One of the great things about living in and around Washington, D.C., is the diversity of activities to do in case you want to escape the city and its chaos. In just under an hour by car, you can find yourself hiking the trails of the Shenandoah or battling the rapids of the Potomac River at Great Falls. There are also plenty of attractions and locations that have great historical significance. One of them happens to be just 55 miles south of the District. A day trip to Fredericksburg, VA is often one of the more popular activities for locals and visitors staying in Washington. With so much to offer, it’s almost impossible to pack everything you want to do and see in a day.  Here are a few highlights to consider when planning your trip.

A Day Trip to Fredericksburg, VA

All About the Washingtons

Kenmore Plantation
Kenmore Plantation

One of the reasons a day trip to Fredericksburg, VA is right up the list of activities for many, is due to the fact that the area was once the home of George Washington. Pay a visit to Ferry Farm and tour the 80-acre grounds where the first president’s home used to stand. You can also stop by the Kenmore Plantation and visit the Georgian-style mansion that was once the home of Washington’s sister, Betty Washington Lewis. Not far from Kenmore is the Mary Washington House, a small wooden house that George Washington bought for his mother.

Its Place in Civil War History

Daytrip to Fredericksburg
Sunken Road and Stone Wall

Fredericksburg’s strategic location almost halfway between D.C. and Richmond made the city a critical battleground during the American Civil War. In fact, many historians consider the Battle of Fredericksburg in December 13, 1862, to be one of the most significant contests in the war’s history. History buffs on a day trip to Fredericksburg ought not to miss a visit at the Fredericksburg Battlefield to learn about the harrowing days of fighting between Union and Confederate soldiers. Take a guided tour of Sunken Road and stop by Marye’s Heights where General Robert E. Lee and his men continuously repelled Union charges.

Stonewall Jackson Shrine
Stonewall Jackson Shrine

For a more in depth look at the other decisive battles in American Civil War history, take a tour of the other three battlefield sites: Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania, and Wilderness. These battles combined are some of the bloodiest of the war, with over 100,000 Americans casualties. Fredericksburg was also the spot where Confederate general Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson was wounded and died.

The Great Outdoors

A Shot of the Green at Pendleton
A Shot of the Green at Pendleton

Another great reason for a daytrip to Fredericksburg is to enjoy the great outdoors. From fishing to hiking to golf, the best way to enjoy the natural beauty of Fredericksburg is to commune with it.

What would you like to do in Fredericksburg?

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