Da Nang, Vietnam – What to Know Before Your Trip

Travelling around Vietnam and planning to pass through Da Nang? Read on to learn more about this destination and Da Nang Vietnam attractions before your trip. Da Nang is a popular destination on the South Central Coast of Vietnam, with a laid back atmosphere, plenty of beachside bars, excellent restaurants and lots of fun activities.

Da Nang Vietnam Attractions: Da Nang Railway Station Entrance
Da Nang Railway Station Entrance

What Should I Eat There?

The food in Da Nang is very cheap , while also being fresh and tasty. You will get some of the best meals from the street side cafes and vendors around the city. Make sure that you try a delicious steaming bowl of Pho, which is a delicious Vietnamese noodle soup. It’s hearty and filling and you will fall in love with the unique blend of herbs, vegetables, beef and noodles. Try Pho from one of the street stalls in the alley between the Han Market and the Cham Museum.

Da Nang Street Stall Vietnam
Da Nang Street Stall: Photo on Flickr by Em and Ernie / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Also, take the opportunity to try the delicious “be thui”, which is grilled beef. It is usually served on a grill in the middle of the table, making this a great dish to share. If you love seafood, head to My Khe Beach in the evening and dine at one of the seaside restaurants there.

Are there Nice Beaches in Da Nang?

Yes, there are many excellent beaches in Da Nang , many of which are relatively deserted. For example, if you love to surf the best beach for you will be Non Nuoc Beach – visit in October and November for the prime waves. Also, one of the most beautiful beaches in the area is My Khe, also known as China Beach. This is where the American troops would relax during the Vietnam War and it is still used for relaxing today.

The beaches are probably the most popular among the Da Nang Vietnam attractions. Make sure you don’t miss them!

Da Nang Vietnam Attractions: Beach

What Other Da Nang Vietnam Attractions Can I Enjoy?

One of the Da Nang Vietnam attractions, the Da Nang Water Park, is a fun place which would make for a great outing for a traveling family. The park has many great slides, as well as fountains and a wave pool. You could also marvel at the decorative Buddhist Pagodas in Da Nang, as these buildings are quite architecturally striking. They are considered sacred to the local people and worshippers come to pray and meditate within them.

Linh Ung-Bai But Pagoda, Da Nang Vietnam
Linh Ung-Bai But Pagoda, Da Nang: Photo on Flickr by chailightimages / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

You could also take on the challenge of scaling the Marble Mountains. They are located just south of Da Nang and one of them is open to be climbed. As you explore the mountains you might find spots that once held temples and pagodas, or where the French, the Americans or the Viet Cong used the mountains as hiding places.

Marble Mountain, Da Nang
Marble Mountain, Da Nang: Photo on Flickr by Nam-ho Park / CC BY 2.0

History buff will also love the Cham Museum of sculpture. It showcases the sculptures of the Cham people, who ruled Vietnam from 192 AD to 1835. This museum was constructed by the French and it includes sculptures from the 6th to the 17th century. It gives an interesting glimpse into the art and culture of Vietnam’s past.

Cham Museum, Da Nang Vietnam
Cham Museum, Da Nang: Photo on Flickr by Greg Willis / CC BY-SA 2.0

These are just a few of the interesting Da Nang Vietnam attractions, so consider including this beachside destination in your travels around Vietnam.

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  1. Avatar for Kelly Dunning

    Ivan Mendis

    Lovely submit.The sea food was amazing.The night time spent at the seaside used to be unforgettable

  2. Avatar for Kelly Dunning

    Bosco Thanh

    Your quote: “Also, one of the most beautiful beaches in the area is My Khe, also known as China Beach”. I think you have a small mistake. My khe is “Mỹ Khê” Beach, not China Beach, plz. remember My khe and Da Nang of Vietnam, they’re not of China.

    Thank you for your travel blog about Da Nang. I like it!

    • Avatar for Kelly Dunning

      Richard Wolskel

      Hi Bosco, I believe “Mỹ Khê” Beach was popular with US troops in the Vietnam War as a place for R&R, and was named by them as “China Beach”. I think this was because “Mỹ Khê” Beach faces on to the South China Sea, not because it is in China? Many thanks for your nice comments on the Da Nang blog, hope you like other ones too!

  3. Avatar for Kelly Dunning


    Thank you so much for your interesting post :)) We can’t deny that Da Nang is awesome place. As an expat living in Danang, I would like to share some more activities you guys could be interested in :))

  4. Avatar for Kelly Dunning


    Da Nang – my favorite city 🙂 Beautiful beach city with such friendly local people and great food. I miss my spring rolls, banh xeo, Mi Quang, banh trang kep,…T.T I wish to come back to Da Nang to see my cooking teacher at Da Nang Home Cooking Class as well. Miss her food so so much :(((

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    The information is helpful but lack of images. The post will be more interesting if you add more beautiful pictures of Da Nang. 🙂

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    Da Nang is amazing! I been here for 1 week. Tried a lot of food banh my, pancake, noodles, seafood with my bf and girls from Danang foodie. People are friendly. That was amazing. This is my favorite city so far. Thank for your post

  7. Avatar for Kelly Dunning


    I really like your blog. And I’m a big fan of Pho. I also had a great experience stay on the back of motorbike with girls from Da Nang foodie. That was an amazing food tour. I did try many kinds of food. That was fantastic!!! I will come back some day

  8. Avatar for Kelly Dunning


    Thank you so much! I did try Pho and Be Thui also at a Be Thui restaurant named Cau Mong. It was delicious and fresh. The food at Home cooking class with Madam Thu were awesome too. We made spring rolls, rice pancake…my mouth is watering when thinking about it. Come to Da Nang and enjoy this fantastic city!

  9. Avatar for Kelly Dunning

    Sachiko Bilal

    I tried the noodle soup with beef, its honestly the most delicious noodle I have had. There’s something unique about the spicing and the way the prepared it, it’s not like the regular noodle soup. It a must try if you ever find your self in Da Nang.


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