Why a Cycling Holiday is the Perfect Way to Experience Europe

There is no greater way to see the beautiful continent of Europe and soak up the atmosphere than with a cycling holiday around Europe. With this method of travel, the journey between destinations becomes an enormous part of the trip and it is the best way to see the heart and soul of different countries. Europe is a continent brimming with breathtaking, fascinating and diverse countries; taking a cycling holiday around Europe is a magnificent way to experience this.

Cycling Holiday Around Europe

Cycling Holiday Around Europe

Experiencing Europe

Cycling around Europe is the perfect marriage and this is evident with the annual Tour de France – the most famous cycling race around the globe. France is not the only country that is ideal for exploring on two wheels, however, as major areas including Prague, Budapest, the Dolomites, Sicily, Sardinia and Verona are just a very small selection of fantastic place to explore by bike. There is then everywhere in-between, where you get to experience authentic Europe and people and places that regular tourists do not get to see. Twisting back roads, winding country roads, challenging peaks and lakeside routes all make for a varied and stunning journey.

Cycling Holiday Around Europe: Arno River in Florence, Italy
Arno River in Florence, Italy

A Rewarding Form of Travel

Cycling is not only an incredible way to see and experience Europe, but it is also a fantastic form of exercise. By cycling instead of driving, flying or using public transportation; you can get a superb workout and enjoy the crisp air. Working up a sweat will make indulging in Europe’s fine dining and drinking scene rewarding and even more enjoyable. Not just this, but you are also likely to encounter like minded people and make new friends along the way.

Cycling Holiday Around Europe

Fun Itineraries

With cycling holidays, riding a bike is just a small part of the trip. When you book with established and reputable travel agents, such as Exodus, you can get action packed itineraries which will include accommodation, activities, food and more. Travel agents will also have expertise in the best places and countries to explore by bike, seeing them assemble excellent and rewarding packages. There will also be packages suited to different levels of cycling experience, ensuring that you are not pushed outside your comfort zone.

Europe is one of the most breathtaking, diverse and fascinating areas in the entire world. There are many incredible cities to see, but the areas in between and the countryside is equally beautiful and intriguing to explore. There is no greater way to see and understand the countries and people than with a cycling holiday around Europe, which will be a rewarding and eye-opening experience.

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