Cultural background of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city with 7 million residents, bordering the South China Sea and China. According to an old sayings, Hong Kong is “the gateway to China” and also the place “where East meets West”. Because of its unique location and tumultuous history, Hong Kong is indeed a place where the eastern and western cultures meet. Traditional and modern, old and new, all together are creating a distinctive cultural blend of this marvelous city. After its reunion with China, Hong Kong embraced a lot of its old customs and traditions. But still, you can easily observe the British influence in this Hong Kong cultural tour.

Hong Kong Skyline. Hong Kong cultural tour
Hong Kong Skyline

After the city’s reversion to China, Hong Kong is a trilingual city. Its main spoken languages are Cantonese, Mandarin and English. They are all regarded as official languages and are spoken by most of the residents.

Hong Kong’s population is formed by Cantonese, British, Indians, Jewish and many others. The main culture here is the Cantonese one and also, a lot of families share the values of the Chinese culture, values like: family glory, family solidarity and modesty. Still, many locals lead a modern lifestyle, with influences from the western ways of life. To make the best of your Hong Kong cultural tour, here’s is what you definitely don’t want to miss while you are there.

Hong Kong Cultural Tour

Street Food parlors in Hong Kong. Hong Kong cultural tour
Street Food parlors in Hong Kong

Western Infusion Cantonese Food

Food is also an important part of Hong Kong’s culture and this city is considered the culinary capital of Asia. It boasts with a lot of local and international delicacies. The food is unique and it’s influenced by western countries. Some dishes combine the flavor of Chinese cuisine and western cuisine creating some unique products.

Dim Sum. Hong Kong cultural tour
Dim Sum. Flickr: sandragxh / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Soak Up Hong Kong’s Holiday Atmosphere

Holidays in Hong Kong are a bit different from the ones in China. City’s blended holiday system has been influenced by the Eastern and Western culture. For example, Cantonese are celebrating the traditional Chinese festivals, as well as some western festivals. In their holiday calendar we can observe Chinese festivals like: Chinese New Year, Buddha’s Birthday or Dragon Boat Festival, but we can also see some western holidays like: Christmas, Easter or Good Friday.

Dragon boat race. Hong Kong cultural tour
Dragon boat race. Flickr: eLjeProks / CC BY-NC 2.0

Traditional Massage to Treat Your Holiday Fatigue

The traditional massage services are also an important part of Hong Kong’s culture. History of massage in this city culture goes back thousands of years and and it’s strongly interconnected with the Chinese medicine itself. The legend says that Bian Que, a famous practitioner, healed a dying prince with his massage techniques. Since then, massage is an accepted form of healing in their national medical history. Today, you can find specialists that practice popular massage methods. Salons are offering traditional massage treatments all around the city.

10-thousand-buddhas-monastery. Hong Kong cultural tour
10 thousand Buddhas monastery

Hong Kong Historical Sites

We can’t talk about Hong Kong cultural tour without mentioning its historical sites. They can be divided into Chinese and colonial constructions, but both styles are incredible for the city’s architecture. From the Chinese culture we can include the famous Buddhist temples, the old villages and the mansions of the 19 century Chinese elite. The British colonization left an important visual mark on Hong Kong’s cultural identity. Some of the most important British built constructions are: 1881 Heritage, the Blue House, St Andrew’s Church, Court of Final Appeal and a lot of other neoclassical wonders.

1881 Heritage. Hong Kong cultural tour
1881 Heritage. Flickr: Eton Kwok / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Hong Kong is a city with a mixed culture, but this thing doesn’t stop it for being an original location with a lot of tourist attractions. The multitude of traditions and customs, makes Hong Kong one of the most interesting locations that you could ever visit.

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