Cruising from Vancouver: Pre and Post Activities

Summer is here and for many hoping to experience the best of Alaska, this season is the best time to do so. Many of the cruises heading towards America’s last frontier either leaves from Seattle or Vancouver. Though both are incredible cities in their own right, cruising from Vancouver has, in my opinion, more of an advantage. It’s easy and convenient to get from the airport to the port. There are also plenty to do pre and post cruise. Whether you’re the type who just wants to chill and appreciate the scenic surroundings or the hyperactive one who constantly wants something new to experience, Vancouver has you covered. Here are suggestions on what you can do pre and post cruise.

,Cruising from Vancouver,canada,british columbia,bc,alaskan cruise ship
Alaskan Cruise Ship

Cruising from Vancouver: Pre and Post Activities

Sample the gastronomy

Sashimi, Ancora,Cruising from Vancouver,canada,british columbia,bc
Sashimi at Ancora

If you’ve booked an Alaskan cruise that leaves from Vancouver, I suggest you take a few days to enjoy the city’s incredible food offerings. The city’s gastronomy is literally a blend of old and new world. Asian influences are prevalent here, particularly Chinese and Japanese. Asian immigrants who came to Vancouver during the late 19th and early 20th century brought with them, cooking skills; and they are prevalent among the many authentic Chinese and Japanese restaurants in various neighborhoods around town.

Enjoy the outdoors

Stanley Park,Cruising from Vancouver,canada,british columbia,bc
Stanley Park

Vancouver has and continues to be ranked as one of the best cities to live by The Economist and travel critics. This is largely in part because of the numerous urban parks and recreation activities available. The views are pretty amazing too, with bodies of water surrounding 75% of the city and the North Shore Mountains providing a beautiful backdrop. Considering the fact that you’ll be stuck in a ship for days, setting a day to enjoy the Stanley Park and the nearby beaches might just be what you need.

Explore Granville Island

Public Market Stall,granville island,Cruising from Vancouver,canada,british columbia,bc
Public Market Stall

Granville Island is Vancouver’s beloved spot for all things creative. Unsurprisingly, it’s also where many of the city’s summer festivities take place. The highlight of Granville Island for many remains the public food market. This is where the best of the city chefs get their ingredients for their kitchen. There are also art galleries, theatres hosting comedy tour groups and off-Broadway shows. As you walk along the narrow streets, you’ll come across street performers singing or playing instruments from guitars to violins. Time your trip here during the summer jazz festival and you may never want to leave.

There’s so much to do in this city, it’s impossible to sneak everything before or after cruising from Vancouver. If you truly want to discover this marvelous city, just go ahead and stay a few more days and extend your vacation. You know you want to…

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