Cruises to Alaska and the Inside Passage

Alaska is known for its cold and dark days however it can be quite lovely in the spring time and summer months. There is so much history to be discovered such as the gold mining in the Yukon, culture of the Inuit, the flora and fauna and of course the white capped glaciers.

Cruises to Alaska: Spectacular vista's
Cruises to Alaska: Spectacular vista’s

When you are looking for cruises to Alaska, one of the easiest ports to travel from is Vancouver, Canada.   There are also cruises from Seattle in the USA. Taking in a Royal Caribbean Cruise lasting up to 10 nights will stop at Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway and travel through the inside passage. Each of the Alaskan ports has something uniquely different to offer.

Cruises to Alaska: Husky base camp
Husky base camp.


One of many highlights to go see is the Lumberjack show. The Lumberjack’s put on a great show! Carving logs into various things. Nowhere else can you see this all American show take place and it’s so entertaining!

Or what about taking the float plane to see the bears fishing! One of the best ways to see Alaska is from the air, and what better way to see it than from a float plane. The novelty of taking off and landing on water is very unusual. The trip isn’t over you still get the highlight of seeing the bears! It is extraordinary; you get so close and able to observe the bears in their own habitat. Did you know that when the bears are not that hungry they will eat al a carte and only eat the fish eggs and throw the rest of the fish away.

Cruises to Alaska: Bears eating a-la-carte
Bears eating a-la-carte.

While in Ketchikan walk up to the small bridge over the creek by the shops and you may be lucky to see the salmon leaping.

Cruises to Alaska: One of the best shopping area's in Ketchikan
One of the best shopping area’s in Ketchikan


While Whale watching in Juneau you may see humpback whales, Orca (Killer Whales), Beluga Whales and seals.   The helicopter rides over the glaciers are breath taking; you can also opt to get off and walk on the glacier or take a husky sledge ride. Don’t forget the sun cream!

Cruises to Alaska: Into the deep blue yonder.
Into the deep blue yonder.

Mount Roberts Tramway offers great views just beware it can get really busy especially on the way back down. Allow plenty of time to get back to the ship. The other option is to walk back down, again allow time if you would like to do this. It can be steep in places.


Whether you decide to do a tour or walk of the ship independently or both this port is easy to get around. Within a few minutes’ walk you will arrive at the main street where you can find the small speciality stores ranging from gifts, vacuumed packed Alaskan salmon to outdoor clothes shops. You will also find the old salon. The ambiance of this place should not be missed with the ladies dressed in traditional clothes of the gold panning era. Another highlight of Skagway is the Whitepass Railway. The steam train takes you through the winding hills and over the Yukon suspension bridge. The views are incredible, clear blue skies on a crisp morning; the tree’s stretching for miles and the shimmering of the water below.   While sitting in the carriage taking in the grand vistas you can hear the clunky clunk of the train going over the rails and the hoot hoot of the whistle.

Cruises to Alaska: One of the best ways to see Skagway.
One of the best ways to see Skagway.

The days at sea and cruising the inside passage to Seward, are lovely days to relax and take stock of the world going by or you could take part in the on-board activities such as bingo.   If you’re up on deck enjoying a cup of tea you will notice the crisp clean air with the glaciers higher than the ship and the opportunity to see whales.

Cruises to Alaska: Top Tips:

  1. The climate can be quite changeable in Alaska. I would recommend a fleece and waterproof jacket.
  2. Good walking shoes are essential to be able to walk on all types of terrain.
  3. Some of the tours are very limited I recommend booking in advance.
  4. Water and snacks to take with you on trips to keep you going.
  5. Skin protection, sunglasses and a hat for on the glaciers.
  6. Pick up an Alaska Car Rental or Motorhome Rental and drive the Denali or Seward highways in Alaska

If you would like to go on one of the cruises to Alaska, there is no better way than to cruise the inside passage from Vancouver.

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