How to Know if an Inside Cabin is Right for You

One of the most important decisions you make when booking a cruise is the type of cabin you’ll be staying in. And while most of us would like to snuggle up every night in the super-opulent presidential suite, that luxury is usually a little out of reach for most budgets.

Cruise Ship Inside Cabin: Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas have virtual balconies
The inside cabins on Royal Caribbean‘s Voyager of the Seas have virtual balconies: Photo Roderick Eime / CC BY 2.0

Cruise Ship Inside Cabin: Is It For You?

For the majority of cruisers, whether it’s your first cruise or your 100th, a basic cruise ship inside cabin is perfect. After all, modern cruise ships are full of this type of stateroom and more often than not, the cruise lines fill every single one. So if you’re looking to save a bit of cash by booking the cheapest cabin on the ship ask yourself these following questions to see if an cruise ship inside cabin is right for you.

Colosseum Rome italy
Want to see the Colosseum on a nine hour stopover in Rome? You need to get out of your cabin first thing in the morning! Photo Jonathan Moreau / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

You’ve got an action-packed itinerary

If the main reason for booking your cruise was the itinerary, there’s a good chance you’re going to be spending hardly any time in your cabin. Most cruise ships stop at each port for anywhere between five and nine hours, which means you’ll need to be up and raring to go as soon as the gangway is open if you want to see and do as much as possible.

The spa onboard the Queen Mary 2 is the perfect place to relax
The spa onboard Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 is the perfect place to relax: Photo / CC BY 2.0

You’re planning a relaxing holiday

Even if you’re not planning to step foot off the ship once and all you want to do is relax during your cruise, you could still easily get away with booking an inside cabin. Whether you spend your time enjoying pampering massages at the onboard spa or soaking up the sun by the pool on deck, you’re unlikely to spend a large chunk of your time in your cabin when there are so many onboard facilities and services to enjoy.

An inside cabin on the Uniworld River Beatrice will guarantee you a good night's sleep
An inside cabin on the Uniworld River Beatrice, guarantees you a good night’s sleep: Photo Gary Bembridge / CC BY 2.0

You’re looking forward to lots of lie-ins

Most people’s biggest gripe about inside cabins is that they’ve got no window: a blessing for people who are sensitive to light and want lots of lie-ins on holiday! Maybe you’ve had a late night or maybe you’re just trying to catch up on the long peaceful nights’ sleep you don’t get at home, if you don’t want to be woken at the crack of dawn by sunlight sneaking its way around the blackout curtains, a cruise ship inside cabin is the way to go. This is especially true on Alaska summer cruises, when the sun sets close to midnight and rises just five hours later.

Cruise Ship Inside Cabin: All-inclusive drinks
An all-inclusive drinks package could put a bigger smile on your face than a balcony cabin: Photo joan!ta / CC BY-SA 2.0

You’d rather spend your money on other things

Just because you opt for the cheapest cabin doesn’t make you cheap. Downsizing from an outside or balcony cabin to an inside cabin can easily save you hundreds that you can then use to splurge on something that really matters to you, like a romantic couple’s massage, an extra special port excursion or an all-inclusive drinks package onboard. You won’t feel bad about your small cabin if you’ve got some spare cash in your wallet, but you will regret it if you have to say no to that once-in-a-lifetime excursion because you blew your budget on an over-sized stateroom.

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