Choosing What Food to Eat when Cruising

I hasten to add before I start that this post is personal, and may not suit everybody else’s metabolism. That said, it’s an acknowledged fact that when we take on board more food than we burn off, our bodies convert the surplus to fat ‘for a rainy day’. Being tempted to eat more and exercise less when cruising hardly helps.

Cruise Food

It’s Time For Breakfast!

Cruise Food: Breakfast
Cruise Ship Breakfast: Image My Glass Sneaker

So let’s begin at the starting point with the first meal of the day, which for me is breakfast. Here I prefer to stay with familiar patterns as my body awakens from a good night’s sleep gently cruising on the waves. My preference is fresh sliced fruit with yogurt on the side, followed by a pastry with berry jam, butter and a juice. I’m saving myself for lunch, where once again I’ll trade waiter service for the buffet where I can choose the portions myself.

Lunch And What A Choice!

Lunch is where the cruise food challenge begins in earnest. If I wanted to, I could have a ten-course meal and that’s not including a choice of several dozen puddings. I make lunch the main meal of my day, so I can burn the food off in the cool of the afternoon walking briskly on the deck. The trick is to decide whether I want fish, beef, chicken or pork before I get there, so the only decision left is the way I like it cooked.

Cruise Food: Asian Luncheon Buffet
Asian Luncheon Buffet: JTB Genesis

Do I have a starter or a pudding with my lunch? Of course not, unless it’s Sunday which is what I do at home in any case. The secret to not putting on weight when cruising is to eat the amount of food your body has become accustomed to, while travelling with you through life.

The Chocolate Cake Was Divine!

I make my evening meals a more relaxed affair, as I doubt I will take more exercise except leaning over the rail and watching the waves dancing in the moonlight as we glide past. My evening is for light snacking, and so I fill my plate only once, and never go back for more.

Cruise Food: Pudding’s Pleasure
Pudding’s Pleasure: Cruise Critic

So let me see, what shall it be this evening? I might have a langoustine with cold chicken, a slice of fresh ham and loads of fresh green salad on the side tonight. I think I’ll have a glass of chilled white wine to wash it down and peek at puddings in case I’m feeling decadent. I think I’d better write about exercising next. Before you ask, the chocolate cake was divine.

If you’re to start a diet, going on a cruise holiday may be better done before you start!

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