Lazy Ways to Exercise on a Cruise

I wrote last week about enjoying dining on a cruise ship with a view to not taking on too many carbs, and suggested having the main meal in the middle of the day so there’s a chance to burn the extra calories off. This week, I decided to set words aside to share my thoughts of how to achieve this without the icing falling off the cruise cake.

Cruise Fitness Tips

Is Visiting the Spa Sufficient?

Spas make you feel good about yourself, and maybe a little more alluring thanks to well-toned skin. However they are definitely not going to take the kilos off anything except your wallet. At the rates they charge you are unlikely to want to stick around and do a half-dozen laps of the pool, so you can say you took exercise on a cruise.

Cruise Fitness Tips: Queen Mary 2 Canyon Ranch SpaClub Spa and Fitness Centre
Queen Mary 2 Canyon Ranch SpaClub Spa and Fitness Centre: Image Cunard

So it’s Off totThe Gymnasium Then?

I have yet to meet a passenger who took gym seriously (except for one poor fellow who was so fanatical he didn’t have the time to go on shore). Cruise firms know this and generally provide token facilities only. If I visit the gym at all, then it’s early in the morning before anybody else has arrived, and I can check my weight without standing in a queue.

How About Yoga / Aerobics?

Now you’re talking sense! While I’m a solitary fellow myself (most writers are and I’m happiest inside my computer) I have noticed that most yoga and aerobic fans seem to enjoy themselves on deck, and are invariably a little slimmer than those who don’t. So yes, this is my recommended cruise fitness tip  among the options for ‘managed exercise’. If this is the sort of thing you do back home – or feel like trying something different – then go for it.

Cruise Fitness: Deck Yoga onboard Silver Spirit by Silversea Cruises
Deck Yoga onboard Silver Spirit by Silversea Cruises

A Writer’s Excuse for Exercise

I regard any need to leave my cabin as an opportunity for gentle exercise. When I wake up in the morning I never take the lift to the buffet for my early morning mug of coffee. Instead I walk around the deck before I use the stairs. In fact I never, ever use the lifts, although some passengers look at me as if I have gone half mad.

The Best Cruise Fitness Tip of All …

This brings me around to what I consider to be the perfect way to exercise lazily on board , while taking in the very best of travel experiences. What better way can there possibly be to exercise on a cruise ship, than walking around the deck when you have it to yourself last thing at night, the stars are twinkling and there’s phosphorous at the bow.

Cruise Fitness: Deck 4 Promenade at Night on the Disney Dream Cruise Ship
Deck 4 Promenade at Night on the Disney Dream Cruise Ship: Image Reto Kurmann (Flickr)

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