Tips for planning the perfect croatian sailing vacation

Although Croatia is mostly known for providing some of the best luxury holidays worldwide, Croatian sailing vacations have become a trending travel option for numerous tourists. This is because sailing vacations allow one to leisurely enjoy and experience the natural charm of the country’s white sandy beaches, stunning coastal towns, bays, and islands. In order to make the most out of your Croatian sailing vacation, it is important to take special care during the trip planning process. The following yacht charter Croatia tips will provide planning advice which will ensure that your trip is both memorable and exciting.

Croatian sailing vacation, dalmation coast
Sailing in Croatia on the Dalmation Coast: Photo on Flickr by Petra Bensted / CC BY 2.0

Tips for planning the perfect Croatian sailing vacation

Planning a perfect Croatia sailing vacation requires thorough research on which charter company to hire and the type of vessel to use. It is also vital that each member involved, including the crew, discuss their expectations; the activities to do; available provisioning options; and matters regarding meal planning.

Discussing Trip Expectations

The best way to ensure a flawless and enjoyable Croatian sailing vacation is by making sure that every person involved is compatible and that their trip expectations are aligned. This is particularly true for medium to large groups who have never sailed together before. Issues to be discussed at this point should relate to the type of atmosphere you wish to have throughout the trip. For example, would you prefer to have an enthusiastic sailing experience or a more relaxing time enjoying the beach? In addition, you should talk about matters concerning sharing food and fuel expenditures; cleanliness; the delegation of cooking duties; and respecting each other’s personal time and privacy.

Croatian sailing vacation
Checking Sails. Flickr: mhx / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Communication while Sailing

Although staying connected while on a Croatian sailing vacation is often costly, there are several tips which can help reduce these expenses. The cheapest cost-reducing measure is visiting a local store to purchase a pay as you go phone. For those who prefer to use their personal cell phones, turning off data roaming can drastically reduce communication costs. Nonetheless, the best communication solution for these trips is hiring a yacht charter Croatia company that offers a Wi-Fi connection on-board.

Credit Cards and Currency

Although the Croatian Kuna is the most widely used currency in the country’s local cafe’s and shops, larger restaurants, supermarkets, and marinas typically accept major credit cards. As such, it is advisable to bring adequate cash to cover smaller purchases and pay nightly mooring fees as well as your credit card. However, it is imperative that you notify your credit card company of your travels beforehand. This would avoid having your card shut down as withdrawals from exotic locations may be deemed fraudulent.

Croatian sailing vacation

Provisioning Options

In relation to provisioning options; it is best to allow your preferred charter company to offer provisions for you as per a pre-selected plan. Although this option will save you time, it will inadvertently limit your options. Alternative solutions to this concern are taking care of your own provisions from local supermarkets. Or contacting Yamyacht supply to have a complete list of the provisions you need delivered directly to your boat. Food prices are more expensive on smaller islands. So it is advisable to stock up on food and drink items before embarking on your Croatian sailing vacation.

What to Bring

When packing your trip items, it is advisable to fit everything in soft-sided duffel bags. Clothing items to bring should include bathing suits, shorts, and t-shirts. You should also bring along some long sleeved shirts to keep you cozy. Windproof jackets are always a good idea to protect you from the windy and chilly nights on the sea.

Croatian sailing vacation

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