Croatian Lighthouses

The Croatian coast is truly amazing. On my sailing trip, I decided to check out Croatian lighthouses and found out many interesting stories behind these beautiful old buildings.

You can charter a yacht in Croatia and sail to all of them!

Croatian Lighthouses


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The oldest and northernmost lighthouse in the Adriatic. It was built by count Meternich for a woman he fell in love with. The two of them never lived together there because she died on the day the lighthouse was finished.


dalmatia, dubrovnik, croatia, shore, cliff, lighthouse, sea, croatian lighthouses

This lonely island is home to endemic species of birds. The lighthouse is perched on top of a 100 m high cliff. On the northern side of the island is a seawater lake that can be reached through an underwater cave.


Situated south of Istria, the largest peninsula in Croatia. The lighthouse takes up most of the tiny islet of Porer and is a spectacular sight. Visiting this islet represents an adventure because the currents and the wind are very strong.

Veli Rat, Lighthouse Porer, croatia, lighthouse, island, sea, cliff, shore, croatian lighthouses

Veli Rat

A lighthouse with a hospitable location on Dugi otok island. According to a story, its walls are made with thousands of egg-whites to increase resistance to wind and sea. One of the most desirable lighthouses among the Croatian lighthouse keepers.

Croatian Lighthouses,croatia, lighthouse, sea, cliff, shore


Croatian lighthouses,croatia, lighthouse, island, sea, cliff, shore

Located on Kornati islands, this lighthouse offers the most spectacular view. Kornati are the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean and are recognizable by their naked and otherworldly appearance. Tajer’s visitors can enjoy this stunning, calm and slightly eerie atmosphere.


Croatian lighthouses,croatia, lighthouse, island, sea, cliff, shore

Situated in the Murter archipelago, on an islet that looks like the turtle shell. Wild rabbits can be found on the island. The sea here is warmer then in the rest of the Adriatic, so you can swim here until November.


svjetionik struga, Croatian lighthouses, croatia, lighthouse, island, sea, cliff, shor

Situated on a striking 70 m cliff on Lastovo island. A giant lobster weighing 18 kg was once pulled out of the waters below the lighthouse, as was a coral weighing 45 kg, the largest ever pulled out of the Adriatic. Who knows what you will find in the waters around the island!

Sveti Ivan

After a Venetian dodge narrowly escaped crashing his boat on St John rock, he made a vow to light a candle to the saint. However, he forgot about it, so the next time his ship was around St John, a storm threw it into the islet’s rocks. The ship got lost.

Croatian Lighthouses, croatia, lighthouse, island, sea


Croatian Lighthouses, cliff, croatia, seascape

The most distant Croatian territory. The best destination in the Adriatic if you want to escape the civilisation. Once, it was even visited by a pope. This is definitely one of the most interesting Croatian lighthouses that you must visit.

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