Highlights of Coastal Croatia (in Pictures)

Croatia has definitely one of Europe’s most beautiful coastlines. Its winding coast is many hundreds of kilometers long; its coastal waters speckled with more than a hundred gorgeous islands.

Coastal Croatia may not be on the radar of many travelers, but it should be. Trust me.

Home to spectacularly pretty fishing towns, large cities, national parks and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Croatia’s coastline is a destination dreams are made of. Its overwhelming beauty will, hopefully, shine through in the following photos that I have selected from my own Croatian road trip.

May they inspire you to put coastal Croatia on top of your travel wish list and make visiting Croatia a priority!

Photos of Croatian Coast Highlights


Istria is a region in north western Croatia. Comprising a beautiful triangular peninsula home to inland vineyards and olive farms and extraordinary coastal towns, Istria is one of Mediterranean Europe’s hidden gems.

Croatian Coast Highlights: Waterfront in Rovinj, Istria
Waterfront in Rovinj, Istria
Croatian Coast Highlights: Beach in Novigrad, Istria
Beach in Novigrad, Istria


A Roman-built city about halfway down the Croatian coast, Zadar makes for a nice stop-over on the way between Istria and the southern cities. Its waterfront is fantastic, while its Roman ruin-dotted old town is welcoming and easily walkable.

Croatian Coast Highlights: Cozy square in Zadar, coastal Croatia
Cozy square in Zadar
Croatian Coast Highlights: Waterfront in Zadar, Croatia
The stunning Zadar waterfront


Šibenik is a surprisingly great city a short drive south of Zadar. It is the only Croat-built city in coastal Croatia—the other ones were founded by the Romans, Venetians, Ottomans or one of the other empires that once ruled present-day Croatia. Šibenik’s main highlight is the UNESCO-listed St. James’ Cathedral.

Croatian Coast Highlights: Street in Šibenik, coastal Croatia
Street in Šibenik
Croatian Coast Highlights: Cathedral of St. James, Šibenik
Cathedral of St. James, Šibenik


Spectacular Split is, in my opinion, coastal Croatia’s greatest city. As the home of the totally impressive Diocletian’s Palace, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Split is an ancient city with a vibrant and modern atmosphere. Its waterfront is nothing less than amazing.

Croatian Coast Highlights: Split, coastal Croatia
Old buildings in central Split
Croatian Coast Highlights: Diocletian's Palace, Split
Diocletian’s Palace, Split


“The Pearl of the Adriatic”, as Dubrovnik is nicknamed, is without a shadow of doubt the most popular of all Croatian cities. And rightly so; it’s phenomenal. With its thick city walls, red-roofed houses, pedestrianized old town and magnificent surroundings, Dubrovnik is truly one of the world’s most breathtaking cities, with plenty of accommodation. In late morning and early afternoon, it’s a bit crowded though. Yet, it’s an absolute, definite must-see!

Croatian Coast Highlights: View of Dubrovnik, Croatia
View of Dubrovnik from the cable car
Croatian Coast Highlights: Beach in Dubrovnik
Beach in Dubrovnik

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