A Guide For First Timers in Croatia

For first timers, Croatia is an immense country with awe-inspiring sights. In fact, the experience of choosing a place to see may be almost overwhelming. Therefore, quite obviously, most visitors tend to turn to tours to get acquainted with the country’s famous attractions. Don’t worry. There are limitless sights in Croatia. Just follow this quick Croatia Travel Guide for beginners to making the most of your stay in the magical heaven.

Croatia Travel Guide for Beginners

A Visit to the Medieval Town of Dubrovnik

Magnificent cities number in the hundreds, but Dubrovnik takes our crown again and again. Located on the South Coast of Croatia and overlooking the Adriatic Sea, this famous city sprawls its magnificence inside a thriving tourist hub hemmed in by massive stone walls. Five-star restaurants and high-class hotels are tucked away on its fine streets while elegant lounge bars extend across its expansive waterside. Within its walls, it is saturated with stunning architecture, breathtaking churches, old monasteries, museums and fountains. A few such pleasures that have endured the test of time include – St. Blaise Church, Gothic Rector’s Palace and Renaissance Sponza Palace. You are sure to spend lots of time admiring the enormous stretch of exquisite splendor – everything you would want in a coastal city. Some of these beautiful fortresses and destinations are used in the ever popular tv show Game of Thrones which has brought massive popularity to the mesmerizing town of Dubrovnik. If you are a fan of it and want to explore that part of the city you can visit them in a Game of Thrones tour that is available to you. Everything is close to you and you have a lot of options that will fulfill all you wish for.

Croatia Travel Guide for Beginners: Dubrovnik Roof Tops
Dubrovnik Roof Tops: Photo on Flickr by Adrien Sifre / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A Stroll Through Krka National Park

The Krka National Park is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination, and with good reason. This 109 kilometer square of stony hike is made of exceptional multifaceted ecosystems that are sure to test one’s nature skills. Walking through the park gives you unlimited access to interact with the unusual twists in the exotic haven. Its best attractions include seven magnificent waterfalls, with the iconic Skradinski Buk falls topping the list of must-sees while there. Several tours run to Krka National Park from Split and here you have several options. You can choose a bus tour with around 50 passengers, a trip van with up to 8 passengers or a fully customized private tour that runs only on request.

Krka National Park Waterfall
Krka National Park Waterfall: Photo on Flickr by One of thy / CC BY 2.0

Walks and Rides Around the Beautiful Towns

It’s true what they say- some of the most memorable things in Croatia are free. For example, the exploratory walking tours around the city are entirely awesome yet free. Here, you get to absorb the history and culture of the people inside the quaint alleys, narrow streets and towering fortresses. A tour around the medieval towns is filled with fun and tons of little-known information about Croatia. Alternatively, you can choose to soak up the city’s amazing features by taking bike tours with your family and friends. A bike tour is not a typical visitor’s tour. You are accompanied by a guide who shares loads of information and facts about the cities. But keep in mind that bike tours are demanding, do you need to be in tip-top shape.

Zagreb Tram
Zagreb Tram: Photo from sobrecroacia.com by Mario Fajt / CC BY 2.0

Culinary Survey in the High-Class Restaurants

If you are a food buff, you cannot miss Croatia’s culinary tour. Here, you can expect a great variety of foods with ethnic favorites tainting your palates and giving you an experience out of this world. To experience this effing goodness, you can take a boat tour down the craggy coastal town. You’ll cruise over the inviting blue waters past the towering fortresses before stopping at one of the excellent restaurants along the harbor. As expected, seafood is the height of relish and delight in most menus, and there is no better way to add zing to your holiday than to be seated in the exquisite alfresco setting overlooking the expansive waters.

Croatia Travel Guide for Beginners: Croatian Seafood
Croatian Seafood: Photo on Flickr by Greg Melia / CC BY-NC 2.0

A Stop at Plitvice Lakes

Inside Croatia’s rocky interior, a stone’s throw distance from the Herzegovina and Bosnian border, sits one of Europe’s most fascinating treasures – Plitvice lakes. A trip to this spot is akin to nothing you have ever imagined. First, is the lush valley dotted with 16 lakes then there are the iconic waterfalls and the waters that vary in color from clear to azure to turquoise depending on the sunlight intensity. From the moment you walk into the 300 square kilometer park, you are greeted with a panoramic orientation. And as if that’s not sufficient, there is the famous Niagara Falls, diced and scattered over the heavily forested Grand Canyon to feed your eyes even more. Certainly, you can never miss having an awesome moment at this spot.

Plitvice National Park Waterfall
Plitvice National Park Waterfall: Photo on Flickr by Lassi Kurkijärvi / CC BY-NC 2.0

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