Cozy Cafes near Tysons Corner, Virginia

Cozying up in a cafe with a latte or pot of tea is best enjoyed during the fall season.  Tysons Corner, a suburban area in Northern Virginia, is a short drive to hiking trails in Great Falls.  It’s also just 45 minutes by rental car to beautiful wineries. Lastly, Tysons Corner has plenty of local restaurants and boutique cafes within and around nearby cities. As temperatures cool down, get wrapped up in your favorite scarf and head out to these cozy cafes near Tysons Corner, Virginia to enjoy the crisp autumn air.

Cozy Cafes near Tysons Corner, Virginia

Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee – Vienna

Dessert Waffle at Magnolia Dessert Bar and Coffee
Dessert Waffle at Magnolia Dessert Bar and Coffee

This dessert and coffee bar is not exactly a ‘hole in the wall’ establishment; but you might miss it if you aren’t looking for it!  Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee is located in Vienna, Virginia, 10 minutes driving from Tysons Corner if you rent a car. The waffles and milk bread toasts are definitely the most popular items on the menu.  Make sure to try one of those.  If you want something less sweet, try their cake slices or the mango with sticky rice. Magnolia’s delicious coffees and its quaint location in the picturesque town of Vienna makes it a must-visit cozy cafe in the Tysons Corner area.

Mom & Pop – Mosaic District, Merrifield

Mom and Pop at Mosaic District
Mom and Pop at Mosaic District

The Mosaic District is an outdoor shopping center in Merrifield, which is 10-15 minutes from Tysons Corner. In the center, you will find a standalone cafe called Mom & Pop. With floor to ceiling windows, rustic decor, and outdoor seating, this cafe is perfect for a sunny, fall morning or afternoon. Order one of the croissant breakfast sandwiches or pastries and enjoy them with a cup of Brooklyn-based coffee roaster, Sey.

Teas’n You – Tysons Corner

Boba Tea and Macarons at Teas'n You
Boba Tea and Macarons at Teas’n You

Teas’n You is a modern, cool tea shop in the heart of Tysons Corner. The menu features unique tea blends, bubble tea, and sweet or salty snacks to enjoy with your drink. If you want a refreshing drink after a day of shopping at Tysons Corner Center, or hiking one of the nearby trails in Virginia, stop by this cozy cafe in Tysons Corner, VA. The cool greys and light wood tones are accented with gold wall art.  The calming tones make for it a perfect spot for a mid-day treat.

Whether you live local to the area or planning a trip to Washington, D.C., in the fall, check out these cozy cafes near Tysons Corner, Virginia. Enjoy a cup of locally roasted coffee or a pot of unique blend of tea after a day of shopping and pampering. Each café is no more than a 10-minute drive from Tysons Corner and has its own unique vibe. Be sure to try all three!

Written by Ava Ataee and edited by Iris A.

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