Vermont Covered Bridges in Pictures (Part 2)

It’s been more than half a year since I wrote my first post about the covered bridges of Vermont. At the time, I had seen approximately half of all 103 covered bridges in Vermont (the number depends on the source, but I’m going by 103). Now, I’m almost done with my quest to photograph every single bridge and it’s high time to share some of my favorite covered bridge pictures from the past six months, from December through May.

10 New Covered Bridges in Vermont

Photos of Covered Bridges in Vermont: Sayres Bridge, Thetford, Vermont
Sayres Bridge in Thetford, Vermont
Photos of Covered Bridges in Vermont: West Dummerston Bridge, Dummerston, Vermont
West Dummerston Bridge in Dummerston, Vermont

This goal to photography every bridge has brought me to every corner of this beautiful state and to tiny towns and valley villages where I would never have gone otherwise. I really like this kind of ‘project’, just because it requires that you get off the beaten path and drive on roads that usually don’t see much tourist traffic.

Photos of Covered Bridges in Vermont: Coburn Bridge, East Montpelier, Vermont
Coburn Bridge in East Montpelier, Vermont
Photos of Covered Bridges in Vermont: Foster Bridge, Cabot, Vermont
Foster Bridge in Cabot, Vermont

Although Vermont does not have the highest number of covered bridges in the United States, it is, in fact, the state with the highest concentration, which makes seeing all of them easier than it would be in another state. Once I’m done with this project, I might head over to New Hampshire (I live in the Upper Valley, on the border between Vermont and New Hampshire) and try and do the same there. New Hampshire’s a scenic state as well and there still are so many places that I haven’t been to over there.

Photos of Covered Bridges in Vermont: Chiselville Bridge, Arlington, Vermont
Chiselville Bridge in Arlington, Vermont
Photos of Covered Bridges in Vermont: Henry Bridge, Bennington, Vermont
Henry Bridge in Bennington, Vermont

For now, however, I’m focusing on Vermont and on the 15 or so bridges that I still haven’t seen. My goal is to have them all checked off by mid-July.

Photos of Covered Bridges in Vermont: Orne Bridge, Coventry, Vermont
Orne Bridge in Coventry, Vermont
Photos of Covered Bridges in Vermont: Fuller Bridge, Montgomery, Vermont
Fuller Bridge in Montgomery, Vermont

If you’re ever in New England or, more specifically, in Vermont, make sure to rent a car and go for a drive through the gorgeous countryside—that way you will definitely come across a covered bridge sooner or later.

Photos of Covered Bridges in Vermont: Gold Brook Bridge, Stowe, Vermont
Gold Brook Bridge in Stowe, Vermont
Photos of Covered Bridges in Vermont: Scribner Bridge, Johnson, Vermont
Scribner Bridge in Johnson, Vermont

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