Considering Mallorca? Here’s a list of 5 top reasons to visit

Mallorca, known for its beautiful beaches and notorious for the party city Magaluf. However, if you are considering Mallorca for holiday with your family or partner, this should not put you off of visiting other regions of Mallorca, because the island has much more to offer.

Mallorca (meaning major in Latin) is the largest Spanish Balearic Island and has a 325 miles of coastline to explore. The island has two official languages Spanish and Catalan with its own variation of the Catalan language which is known as Mallorquín.

If you are seeking an active holiday, packed with for instance hiking, biking or kayaking then Mallorca has much to offer.

Considering Mallorca? Here’s a list of 5 top reasons to visit

1. Hiking

The Serra de Tramuntana Mountain has been declared a world heritage site for its agriculture with peaks of 1,000 metres. Whether you hike the entire mountain range or just go for a short pleasant walk, the views are a must see during your stay.

Another option is the Guided hiking tours, also known as the “open group walks” which can vary from €40 up to €55 per person. If you ask your hotel concierge for any guided hikes they could recommend you the best routes.

considering Mallorca, Cap de Formentor
Cap de Formentor, Mallorca

2. Kayaking or a boat tour

Rent a kayak and explore the shores of Majorca. There are many excursions and remote beaches of Mallorca to explore. Another option is to take a boat tour and go snorkelling in the blue cave of Cape Formentor, such tours are available on any of the coastal beaches. A suggestion would be to visit port de Pollença or Palma de Mallorca depending on your proximity, many businesses offer other exciting tours and activities such as cliff jumping and more.

3. Visit the local towns

Mallorca is known to be an Island for the serious cyclists to test their endurance against the mountains. However, if you are not keen on becoming a professional cyclist, using a bike to get around or even taking a tour by bike, allowing you to explore the island and some of its more remote locations. Bike rentals can be found in most of the tourist resorts.

Visit the local towns, Alcúdia, Mallorca,alley, road
Alcúdia alley in Mallorca

4. Biking

Mallorca also offers an insight into its history through its architecture, sightseeing and wondering through rustic towns such as Alcúdia in the north of Mallorca. Which has a preserved wall that was built in the 14th century, to provide protection for Alcúdia’s residents. When visiting do not forget to try the local cuisine, such as suckling pig and Tumbet (layered aubergine, potato and bell peppers). Note that siesta times are observed on the island; and lunch is served from 2.00 pm, with dinner not earlier than 9.00 pm.

5. Sight see the history of Mallorca

A must see is the Palma Cathedral, with its gothic architecture, the cathedral is an impressive sight. The catholic cathedral has a museum attached to it and offers audio guided tours; with the admission price of €7 per person.

Or visit the Bellver Castle in Palma, 3 km west from Palma city centre admission price €4 per person. However, if you go on a Sunday the admission is free. Guided audio guided tours are available; and a Hop-On and Hop-Off Bus Tour of Palma de Mallorca will take you to the castle. Tickets can only be bought on the bus.

The history of Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca, Cathedral
Palma Cathedral in the historic old town

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