Boat Trip on the Connecticut River

Last Sunday, the weather here in New England was brilliant once again—around 30°C with plenty of sunshine and some puffy white clouds in the sky. We had some family visiting and everyone agreed that it would be fun to rent a boat and go on a Connecticut River cruise.

Connecticut River Cruise: The River
Beautiful scenery on the Connecticut River

A Sunny Connecticut River Cruise

We live in a town that’s essentially located on the western shore of the Connecticut River, a river that forms the border between Vermont and New Hampshire and flows south to—that’s right—Connecticut where it empties into Long Island Sound in the Atlantic Ocean. Being so close to this beautiful river, I can’t believe that we hadn’t done this before. It was incredible fun.

Connecticut River Cruise: Houses along the river
Houses along the Connecticut River

Although the Connecticut River makes up the border between Vermont and New Hampshire, it technically lies entirely within New Hampshire. It is the western shore of the river that is the actual border. This has far-going consequences, especially for New Hampshire, which is the state that is responsible for maintaining all the bridges across the river.

Beers on the Connecticut River cruise
Beers on a boat

The region where we live is known as the Upper Valley of the Connecticut River, a region without official boundaries, but which is considered to be located between Bradford, Vermont, and Piermont, New Hampshire in the north and Windsor, Vermont, and Cornish, New Hampshire in the south. This is where we went on our boat trip.

Connecticut River, New Hampshire
Connecticut River, New Hampshire

We picked up our rental pontoon boat from the Fairlee Marine at the boat launch in Orford, New Hampshire and headed out onto the water for a fun-filled and sometimes surprisingly scenic boat trip on the Connecticut River. We enjoyed the weather; ate crackers and cheese, chips and dip; and drank bloody marys and beers. Even though, the river is lined with farms and towns, from the boat, the only things we saw were sandy banks, small islands, lush shoreline vegetation and the occasional cornfield. It was refreshingly secluded.

Great egret, Connecticut River
Great egret on the banks of the Connecticut River

If you’re ever vacationing in New Hampshire or Vermont, an afternoon/evening boat trip on the Connecticut River is strongly recommended thing to do. It’s extremely relaxing and scenic—a perfect activity on a warm and sunny summer day.

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