What Are the Most Common Travel Emergencies?

When you embark on a vacation, you accept there are certain risks that go along with it. As you are leaving the comfort of your home to enjoy a challenging adventure or a leisurely escapade; there is an inherent danger that comes with it; of ending up in an emergency due to a mistake caused by you or someone else. If you want to future-proof yourself before you go travelling; first you need to know what the most common travel emergencies are.

Missing your flight

Most Common Travel Emergencies

Missing your flight

Getting to the airport seems as straightforward a task as they come. Yet in spite of this, missing a flight is one of the most common travel emergencies out there. If your airplane has left without you, you have to come to terms with the fact it doesn’t matter what exact reason led you to this situation. In order to tackle the problem, you need to get to the counter as soon as you can and work out the best possible solution that can put you back on track.

This means you should ask to be put on the next flight, preferably within an immediate time window of 24 hours. This is where the reason why you missed your flight can come in handy, especially if it was not your fault (and in the most cases – it isn’t); however, it highly depends on the agent and the results can vary. Most of the time, you will be put on the first following flight out without paying a single extra dime, but the worst case scenario is you will have to cash out for a difference between the old ticket and the new one, along with the ticket-changing fee.

Losing your passport

It is a nightmare of every traveler and a traveling emergency that tends to happen surprisingly often. In order to tackle losing your passport with a clear head, you have to understand it is not the end of the world, but it puts a lot of obstacles in front of you, and you need to overcome them before you the date of your return flight comes. You have to contact the closest embassy of your country (or the consulate) and demand assistance as soon as you can.

Remember, they deal with these issues more often than you can imagine; so they probably already have a well-practiced protocol put into place for these occasions. This usually means you will have to go on an interview and have at least another piece of documentation to prove your identity. This is why it is smart to make hard copies of your passport, ID and driver’s license; put them in the water-proof file and put them on the bottom of your suitcase.

Losing your passport

Additionally, you should probably have digital copies on a USB drive which is attached to your keychain. In the end, you will probably get the necessary paperwork that can get you home without the passport; but you’ll have to continue the process of taking out the new one as soon as you arrive.

Lost keys

Losing your keys on a vacation can be an especially complicated issue. First of all, your keychain is probably holding a lot of important little door-openers from your household, garage, workplace, gym and car. First, you need to try and retrace your steps; because there is a great chance you’ll still find your keys in the immediate vicinity of the place where you’ve last seen them.

Lost keys

For example, in case you end up locked out of your car during a road trip on the outskirts of Sydney, you’ll need to contact the closest locksmith in East Ryde to open the car doors for you. If you are already on your way to the airport and you realize your keys are nowhere to be found; find the fastest way to return to your hotel room, because they are probably there.

Medical emergency

Before you leave for a vacation; you need to contact your insurance agency and check if you are covered for the area of the world you are traveling to. Travelling overseas, for example, comes with its own set of rules and regulations; and you need to familiarize yourself with this and sift through the options. Purchasing a short-term travel health insurance policy is the most sensible solution. After you’ve done this, you need to see which hospitals in the state you are visiting support your insurance and map out the most efficient route to it, in case a medical emergency occurs.

Making an honest mistake during a vacation is not uncommon. After all, it’s why articles like this exist in the first place. The only true mistake you can make after the particular emergency rears its ugly head is to let the panic take over. Losing your head is the most dangerous thing and it can make an already bad situation even worse. When you realize the unwanted has happened and as that familiar gut punch blows the air out of your lungs; give yourself a minute or two to collect yourself. If you are with your family; try to do your best to minimize the spread of anxiety and do your best to be an example of composure; because no matter which of these emergencies occurs, if you keep your head on your shoulders; you will know what action to take in order to solve it.

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