City of Ostrava: More To Czech Republic Than Prague

I was recently given the opportunity to visit the Czech Republic and discover more about this beautiful country. What I found was that everytime I mentioned that I was visiting the country, everyone’s first reaction was “oh yes Prague”.  There is so much to see, history to discover, food to try and more, outside of Prague. Here is what you can experience and enjoy in the city of Ostrava.

City of Ostrava,
The City of Ostrava ©MDHarding

Visiting The City of Ostrava

Ostrava 3.5 hours by train from Prague is shrouded in history from WWII, it’s industrial period and more! It is the third largest city in the Czech Republic and the capital of the Moravian-Silesian Region. Today it has a population of over 294,000, a popular festival town attracting both a local and international visitors during the annual Colours of Ostrava music festival.

Ostrava City Hall
Ostrava City Hall ©MDHarding

Getting to Ostrava

Ostrava is very easy to reach with only a short distance away from Poland and Slovakia. There are also many direct flights from Europe into Vaclav Havel Airport, Prague.  Travelling onwards couldn’t be any easier, there are frequent trains being operated by Rejiojet travelling onto Ostrava or you could also fly into the local airport – Leos Janacek Airport.  If you would rather travel onwards by bus from Prague to Ostrava, Regiojet also offers a comfortable single level bus.

Vaclav Havel Airport, Prague,City of Ostrava
Vaclav Havel Airport, Prague ©MDHarding


There are a number of accommodation options available in Ostrava including the Kampus Palace. Today offering modern and clean apartments for either one person, two or more. Located only a few minutes walk from the Forum Nova Karolina Shopping Centre and close to Masaryk Square. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here, with great little cafes and restaurants nearby for breakfast etc. The only downside is no air conditioning.

Kampus Palace,City of Ostrava,czech republic
Kampus Palace a Piece of History ©MDHarding

History of Ostrava

Around every corner keep your eyes peeled for those little historic gems. Above one shop front door is the camera lens marking the Karel Reisz studio. Here was the home of Karel Reisz one of the many Jewish refugees that were rescued by Sir Nicholas Winton. A story both heartwarming and heart-wrenching.

ostrava,hidden gems,City of Ostrava,czech republic
Spot the Hidden Gems in Ostrava ©MDHarding

Attractions Not To Be Missed

Ostrava said to be the black heart of the Czech Republic due to its thick black smog/pollution created by the rough coal mining and iron works. Today it couldn’t be any further from that, with lots of green spaces and the closure of the mines in 1994. Ostrava, an industrial city has turned it’s heritage around to offer some incredible attractions not to be missed including the Bolt Tower, by the entrance to the Dolni Vitkovice complex. The Bolt Tower once a blast furnace stands at 78 metres, the highest point in the city. Named after Usain Bolt the world Champion Athlete.

View From Bolt Tower,
View From Bolt Tower ©MDHarding

Delicious Treats To Try

There are so many tasty delights to try including soups, pancakes with pork and sour cream also not forgetting the layered pastry filled Strudel. Appearing in the late 15th century, Strudel is thought to have recipe origins traced to Turkish Baklava and filo pastry. Yum!  Of course, you can’t visit the Czech Republic without drinking its beer, with over 40 brands and growing. What delicious treat will you try first?

Czech Strudl
Czech Strudl ©MDHarding

I hope you enjoyed reading and inspired to visit the City of Ostrava. Happy Travels:) x

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