Cruise Secrets : Choosing the Best Cruise Ports and Packing Light

Choosing the Best Cruise Ports and Packing Lightly is the first part of a series of  Cruise Secrets, learn how to make the best of your cruise from seasoned cruisers. What’s important,what’s not and what will make your cruise a huge success. Choosing only the best cruise ports will make a big difference on how you start your cruise and how successful it will be, whether this is your first cruise or not this information will be of great help to you.

Best Cruise Ports: Cunard Cruise Ship MS Queen Elizabeth
Cunard Cruise Ship MS Queen Elizabeth

Finding the Best Cruise Ports

Selecting the right cruise port can be the make or break for your cruise. Since this is the first stop on your cruise it is important to get it right and only choose among the best cruise ports. Budget plays a major role in your choice, the farther you are from the port of call the more likely you will incur additional expenses. Once you have decided to cruise its time to make plans on which cruise liner to take and how to get to the port of call with minimal cost and hassle. Driving to the port of call will always be the best choice because it is not only comfortable nut it is also quite practical, however, this is not always possible. If a cruise port is not within driving range then just pack wisely and to avoid excess baggage fees that will kill the fun out of your cruise.

Best Cruise Ports: Luggage
You don’t want to end up having so much to carry!

Other tips

Aside from choosing the best cruise ports, here are other things you need to consider when preparing for a cruise:

  • Choosing your itinerary – Most people will choose a cruise destination based on what they want to see and do. So when picking a cruise itinerary make sure you check out the activities and attractions, don’t book a cruise simply because its headed where you want to go. The main part of the cruise is what happens within the journey and not the destination. Ask about what activities are available on the ship, how long the ship will be docked and what is in store for you in those stops.
  • Plan your travel date well – Climate is a major factor, be sure you know what you are getting into. Extremely cold weather during your cruise time may not be what you want especially if you have children in tow. Consider too to book your cruise several months ahead because this will not only give a lot of time to prepare but it will also get you better rates.

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