Chilling Out In Jamaica: The Best Time You’ll Have in the Caribbean

Paradise found…that’s what most travellers see Jamaica as. It’s a place where life seems to pass by at a much more acceptable rate, a place where natural beauty almost compels us to kick back and soak up all the good vibes. As one of the most scenic places in the Caribbean, chilling out in Jamaica pretty much has it all. From the beaches to the fancy hotels, the opportunities for adventure and relaxation seem to be endless.

chilling out in Jamaica, sunset, falmouth
Sunset over Falmouth, Jamaica. Flickr: Michael Hicks / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Best Time to Travel to Jamaica

Since Jamaica is located in the Caribbean, the weather is almost always warm and sunny. Between the months of December and April, you’ll escape the rainy season, which provides you with the perfect weather to explore the island’s natural landscapes.

Keep in mind that the peak season for Jamaica tour also falls in the dry season, effectively doubling the costs of almost everything on the island. Traveling to the island during late April to mid-July will ensure lower accommodation costs and you might be lucky enough to indulge in weather that resembles the dry season.

Jamaican Me Crazy

Before you head off to an epic adventure in Jamaica, double check that you’re clued up on the local laws and etiquette so that you can have the best possible experience without sticking out like an annoying sore thumb.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Nighttime is when you should be vigilant of what’s going on around you. Don’t go solo-trekking through remote spaces once the sun has set and make sure that you keep your valuables somewhere safe.
  • Don’t wear your beach attire (that skimpy bikini) to any formal spots; you might just cause locals to feel offended.
  • Address locals – especially the elderly – as Mr. and Mrs. when addressing them.
  • Always ask for permission before taking snaps of any locals.

Chilling out in Jamaica Tour

Here’s a roundup of our top spots to see and things to do while you’re traveling Jamaica:

Jamaica, Negril, Ricks Cafe Sunset. Jamaica tour
Jamaica, Negril, Ricks Cafe Sunset. Flickr: Chris Ford / CC BY-NC 2.0

Explore the Natural Wonders

Jamaica isn’t just about sea and sand, it’s got a few great forested areas as well as mountain terrains to explore! You can plan a hike up the Blue Mountains or swing around the Old Tavern Coffee Plantation, but make sure you head inland if you’re looking for a water-less adventure.

Blue Mountains Under Tropical Clouds.
Blue Mountains Under Tropical Clouds. Flickr: smilla4 / CC BY-NC 2.0

Reenact Cool Runnings

Well, it might not be the exact same idea as the movie ‘Cool Runnings,’ but bobsledding is a real thing in Jamaica! Heading up the Mystic Mountain via a chair lift is a great opportunity for seeing the picturesque natural surroundings, but it also gets you to the point where you’ll bobsled from, which is serious fun.

Take a Zip Line Canopy Tour

Jamaica has 4 big zip line adventures that will keep adrenaline junkies and nature lovers entertained. The longest of these reaches a thrilling top-speed of 80 km per hour. You are going to want to have a decent pair of hiking boots or good shoes with you, your flip flops won’t go far in the bush where some of the zip lines are located!

Zip-line in Jamaica. Jamaica tour
Zip-line in Jamaica. Flickr: Julie Falk / CC BY-NC 2.0

Eat Jerk Chicken

From the roadside vendors to the fancier restaurants, everyone serves Jerk Chicken, and you’d be mad to miss out on the tantalizing tasting opportunity.

Jerk chicken at The Jamaican Grill. Jamaica tour.
Jerk [email protected] Jamaican Grill. Flickr: Hajime NAKANO / CC BY 2.0

See Blue Lagoon

You may have seen the famous lagoon in Tom Cruise’s “Cocktail”, but seeing it off-screen is so much more captivating. The Blue Lagoon of Port Antonio goes down 200 feet deep, which makes it an excellent spot for diving or just soaking up the tranquility.

Blue lagoon. Jamaica tour
Blue lagoon. Flickr: Stéphane DAMOUR / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Be a Beach Bum

You simply haven’t been to Jamaica until you’ve chilled out on the pristine beaches. The island is loaded with small coves, almost creating secluded little beaches for visitors to enjoy.

7-mile beach in Jamaica. Jamaica tour.
7-mile beach in Jamaica. Flickr: Michael McCarthy / CC BY-ND 2.0

Avoid the Mozzies

It might not be something you should put on your bucket list during your Jamaica tour, but it’s something that you definitely should keep in mind. If you want to avoid the risk of being carried away by these beastly mosquitos, make sure you coat your body in a decent layer of repellent.

Check Out Glistening Waters

When dusk falls in Jamaica, there’s a special spot you need to see: Glistening Waters. The waters here are phosphorescent, which means that they actually glow at night. Make sure you go on a boat excursion for this experience and see if you are allowed to get into the water (some Jamaica tour operators will allow this).

Final Thoughts

While there are probably a thousand ways in to spend chilling out in Jamaica, we reckon that the above-mentioned information should see you having a blast of a time. We hope that you’ll incorporate these ideas into your trip and have a jamming Jamaican holiday!

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