Celebrating on New Year’s Eve Cruises

Looking for a new and exciting way to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year? Then consider booking a last-minute cruise and ringing in the New Year onboard in an exotic far-off destination . Just as most cruise liners go all-out for Christmas Day, many ships carry on the festivities over to New Year’s Day, with food, drinks, entertainment and parties like you’ve never seen before.

If that sounds like a dream come true to you, this is the sort of thing you can expect to enjoy onboard a New Year’s Eve cruise:

New Years Eve Cruises: Bollinger Champagne at a New Year's Eve party
Bollinger Champagne at a New Year’s Eve party via Flickr

New Years Eve Cruises: What’s On Board?

Gala dinners and party buffets

Whether you embark on an indulgent luxury cruise or a more family-friendly casual one, the food on New Year’s Eve is guaranteed to be amazing. The more sophisticated liners generally put on a gala dinner – similar to the captain’s ball which you might have experienced onboard other cruises – when everyone gets dressed up to the nines and sits down for a fantastic multiple-course feast. If you’re on a more casual type of cruise, the food will still be incredible, but it will be more likely to take the shape of a lavish buffet, with gourmet finger foods and appetisers filling each table.

New Years Eve Cruises: Entertainment on-board the Star Princess
Dancers performing on the Star Princess via Flickr

Exemplary entertainment

If you thought that entertainment onboard a cruise ship couldn’t possibly get any better, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what’s on offer on New Year’s Eve . Although the entertainment of course varies from liner to liner, almost all cruise ships offer a combination of live bands, live singing and live theatrical performances in celebration of New Year’s Eve.

Cruise liners which cater for families usually also offer kids’-only parties, so children and adults alike can all have a great night, whilst cruises which tailor their entertainment to younger travellers will have live DJs with sets running into the early hours.

New Years Eve Cruises: Dubai Fireworks
Firework display over the Dubai Harbour via Flickr

Firework displays

It just wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without fireworks, would it? Whilst firework displays onboard cruise liners are very rare, many New Year’s Eve cruise itineraries reserve an exclusive port of call for this special night so the ship is ideally positioned for incredible views of nearby firework displays.

The cruise’s entertainment programme will also be carefully planned out so that all the partying around midnight takes place on the top deck from which guests will have clear views of the night time sky.

New Years Eve Cruises: Sydney Fireworks
New Year’s Eve firework display over Sydney Harbour via Flickr

Best locations

Being onboard a cruise anywhere in the world is a great way to celebrate the New Year, but if you’re after something extra special, consider one of the following New Years Eve cruises locations:

  • Dubai, UAE – Dubai harbour continues to put on awe-inspiring New Year’s Eve firework displays year after year
  • New York, USA – sail along the banks of the Manhattan and watch the fireworks light up the Statue of Liberty
  • Sydney, Australia – the firework display at Sydney Harbour is one of the best in the world
  • Caribbean – push the post-Christmas winter blues to one side and ring in the New Year in a sunny, tropical destination

If you like the idea of clinking champagne glasses with other travellers and watching the fireworks explode in the sky from the deck of a cruise ship as the clock strikes midnight, start searching for New Years Eve cruises right now and take advantage of the last-minute deals. Give yourself a late Christmas present and extend your holiday by staying at a hotel for a few days at your departure or arrival destination, too.

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