Celebrating Leap Year

A leap year comes around but once every four years and celebrated on February 29th.  During a leap year there are 366 days instead of the usual 365. So how will you be celebrating leap year? What will you do with that extra day?

Celebrating Leap Year: Image © Glen Keen Farm
Image © Glen Keen Farm

Celebrating Leap Year


During the times of the Julian Calendar which was in existence until 12 AD, a leap year was calculated every three years due to a calculating error and the leap day was celebrated on February 24th.  Then in 1582 the Gregorian Calendar was introduced to most countries although still today the Julian Calendar is used to calculate feast dates by the Orthodox Church and the Berber people of North Africa and on Mount Athos.


The leap day has been a day of tradition, folklore and superstition ever since the times of Julius Caesar, dating back more than 2000 years!  From the Irish legend of St Brigit and St Patrick or ladies wearing gloves and it was once considered to be an unlucky day in Scotland.

Celebrating Leap Year: Cork Sunset © Fáilte Ireland
Cork Sunset © Fáilte Ireland

Today the Irish legend lives on and it’s still decreed that women can pop the question on this one day in February during a leap year.

Will you pop the question this February 29th? Here is one story on how to propose or fun things to do on a leap day.


With one of the main legends of St Brigit and St Patrick originating in Ireland it may come as no surprise that the movie ‘Leap Year’ was filmed there.

The cast features Amy Adams, Mathew Goodie and John Lithgow in this funny 2010 film telling the story of when yet another anniversary date passes without a marriage proposal, the discovery of the Celtic tradition Anna (Amy Adams) decides to follow her boyfriend to Dublin and ask him to marry her.

Celebrating Leap Year: Image © Glen Keen Farm
Image © Glen Keen Farm

Some of the areas used when filming ‘Leap Year’ include County Wicklow, Dublin, County Mayo and County Galway, with filming taking place in and around the Aran Islands, Connemara, Temple Bar, Georgian Dublin, Wicklow National Park and Olaf Street, Waterford.

While visiting Ireland you might also like to visit Blarney Castle and kiss The Blarney Stone. There are some lovely scenic drives, you could hire a car and explore the Wild Atlantic Way taking in nine counties and three provinces during the picturesque 2,500km.

Celebrating Leap Year: Blarney Castle © Tourism Ireland
Blarney Castle © Tourism Ireland

Why not visit the Celtic Lands of both Ireland and Scotland on a twin break holiday? Irish Airlines, Ryan Air and Air Lingus as well as Easy Jet and British Airways offer frequent and direct flights that will get you between Edinburgh and Dublin in just over an hour.  There is also a wide selection of accommodation available in Edinburgh, Dublin, Belfast  and the surrounding areas. (One of Ireland’s most celebrated festival’s St Patrick’s Day is March 17th). Please do book ahead to avoid disappointment.

We would love to hear from you. Are you celebrating Leap Year and perhaps traveling to Ireland? Please leave any comments/questions below. If you enjoyed reading don’t forget to share! Good Luck and Happy Travels:) x

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