The 5 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit in September

September is hurricane season in the Caribbean islands. 

But, the islands toward the south are somewhat safer and thus a better vacation choice in September.

These include Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, Curacao, and Trinidad and Tobago, which are great to explore year-round.

Caribbean islands are some of the best tourist attractions in the world for couples as well as for families. Some of them feature the perfect weather and entertainment opportunities all year round.

Thus, September can be a good time to visit the islands of the Caribbean Sea. It just depends where you go. 

On islands where peak hurricane season has already gone, the weather is full of sun and delightful. So, you want to make sure you choose the right destination when you travel in September. 

5 Top-Rated Caribbean Islands to Visit in September

Here’s our list of the best tropical destinations in the Caribbean to go to in September. The picks are the best because they are great tropical places and have a lower risk of heavy rains than the rest of the area. 

1. Aruba

The small island of Aruba tops the list as a popular tourist spot whose beauty you can best experience with a week at one of its great resorts. This tropical island has been one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean for years because it’s perfect for both a romantic vacation and a holiday with the kids. 

And what makes this destination exceptionally famous are the turquoise waters and the incredibly white sand of its beautiful beaches, which you’ll have to see to believe. 

Looking at a map, you will find that Aruba is one of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao), known as the Dutch Antilles. These islands sit along the same line and are a bit safer in the September hurricane season than other nearby islands. 

Plus, Aruba is the ABC island closest to Central America, making it a perfect destination if you also want to visit Mexico when the temperature is nice.  

Thus, Aruba is a great choice for a September vacation.

However, there can be large crowds and booked hotels in Aruba at this time so plan accordingly. 

Must-visit: The Flamingo Beach

The Flamingo Beach is a phenomenal vacation spot, just a few minutes away from Aruba Island. You’ll find this idyllic spot on any list of Aruba travel tips or travel information brochures. 

As the name shows, Flamingo Beach features beautiful pink flamingos that add the perfect pop of color to the beach scenery. Plus, September is the perfect time to spend a few hours visiting this gorgeous land. 

However, Flamingo Beach is a part of a private Island called Renaissance Island. Thus, you will have to buy a ticket to take a boat there. 

Also, Flamingo Beach is mainly for couples, and children can only be on the island from 9 am to 10 am.

2. Curacao

Curacao is another tropical paradise not far from South America. Plus, travelers who come here in the fall and summer will experience fantastic weather and lots of sun. 

When you come to this island, you’ll find that Curacao’s capital Willemstad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with plenty to see. Furthermore, the wonderful cafes, waterways, and roads make the city quite vibrant. 

You will also see the famous Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge literally cutting the city in half.

The most loved tourist attraction here is the famous waterfront strip in Punda, called Handelskade. It features bright-colored buildings reminiscent of 18th-century architecture. 

Additionally, Curacao is one of the ABC islands, so it isn’t hard to hop over to one of its sister islands while you’re here. Plus, the weather is perfect during September, and the crowds aren’t as dense as in December. 

Finally, you can expect light rain showers at night in September and October, but they’re warm and only beautify the scenery.

Must-Visit: The National Parks

Curacao houses two world-famous National Parks: Christoffel Park and Shete Boka. These parks are toward the island’s west and almost side by side. 

So, don’t forget to take a once-in-a-lifetime hike through these parks’ stunning scenery when you venture to Curacao. 

3. Bonaire

Bonaire is the easternmost and lesser-known ABC island.

Bonaire offers the most serene, quiet, and peaceful September vacation. And since it’s not that famous, it does not have packs of crowds in the summer or fall that you find in other destinations.  

It’s outside the hurricane belt, too, so you don’t need to worry about aggressive storms. 

But why haven’t many people heard about Bonaire? Well, there are two main reasons. 

Firstly, the huge restaurant and hotel chains that make a tourist attraction famous are absent from this island. Secondly, since the 1970s, Bonaire has been under eco preservation enforcement. 

But, neither of these reasons makes Bonaire any less of a September tourist spot. 

In fact, they only make it better. Because at Bonaire, you will see more authentic, preserved, and intact beaches than anywhere else.

So, hit the waves and try scuba diving or windsurfing in the warm air. Plus, you can expect winds to be a bit calmer and waves not too strong compared to nearby destinations.

And at Bonaire, you will see tons of different cultures, ranging from Spanish, Dutch, British, and African. Thus, you often see people bouncing around between languages, sometimes even in the same conversation, making a vacation here unique.

Must Visit: Pink Lake 

Pink Lake, also called Gotomeer, is a striking saltwater lagoon on the northern section of the island. The lake, of course, is a vibrant pink color, and you can spot flamingos nesting along the shores. 

4. Barbados

Barbados is another serene, sophisticated island known for its beaches that hold transparent waters and soft white sand. And, in the late summer, you can expect plenty of sun on your trip while you’re visiting some of the best resorts in the area. 

Furthermore, the wilderness of its Atlantic coast is worth the famous horse ride. On this adventure, you will find a wide diversity of coral reefs, shipwrecks, and majestic villas every few kilometers. 

Barbados is also the top tourist spot for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts because of the island’s rich marine life. 

Lastly, don’t forget to spend some time in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. Top tourist spots in the city include National Heroes Square and the St. Michael’s Cathedral.

Don’t Miss: The September Festivals

Some of the most famous festivals in the world take place year-round in Barbados. The most popular ones include the Crop Over Festival, Barbados Food and Rum Festival, Holetown Festival, the Gospel Fest, and the Barbados Music Awards.

So, you should definitely take a look at the dates and itinerary of the upcoming festivals before you visit. Each one of them is unique in its own right, and missing out would be an unfortunate event. 

5. Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are two fantastic islands that constitute a dual-island nation just off the northeastern coast of Venezuela. They are closer to South America than most other Caribbean islands, so they aren’t in the direct path of most hurricanes. 

Trinidad is famous for its hustle, whether it’s the peak tourist time of the year or not. You will always find fests and carnivals going on here.

You can also experience a diverse cultural mix in its population and beautiful renaissance style architecture.

Tobago, conversely, is a more serene environment. Tobago catches the attention of the surfers and tourists less than other paradisiacal islands do, but it features the same breeze and wide-stretching beaches on its coast.

Must-Visit: Maracas Bay Beach and Pigeon Point Beach

Maracas Bay Beach on Trinidad and Pigeon Point Beach on Tobago are both home to a great biodiversity of birds. Furthermore, surfing and snorkeling are the most famous activities for independent travelers who decide on a tropical vacation in this country.

Also, when you spend time at these beaches, you’ll get to experience the beautiful coastline of these two islands, which will leave you breathless. 

September Weather in the Caribbean

Early fall, specifically September and October, is a great time to visit certain Caribbean islands with respect to the weather. 

The temperature here ranges from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius (77 to 86 Fahrenheit). Thus, you will find the temperatures cool but inviting. 

However, August and September are the peaks of storm season which lasts from June to November, so you need to be careful and check local forecasts before you go. 

Yet, even without hurricanes, there is usually rain throughout these tropical destinations. But, it’s usually just a soft shower during the night time. 

What to Pack? September Travel Tips

As we have discussed above, a visit to the Caribbean beaches in September and October is an opportunity to enjoy breezy sunbathing. 

Your choice of clothes should be light, roomy, thin, and breezy. But don’t forget to pack at least one rain jacket or an umbrella to combat the drizzle since September is the rainy season. 

Similarly, for the sunny days of your tropical vacation, bring some sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. And, of course, don’t forget your swimsuit. 


Once you have figured out your preferences and budget, choose an island (or maybe even more than one island) that matches your preferences best. Then, you can google some photos of your chosen lucky island to imagine and enjoy a bit. 

Finally, all that is left to do is start packing your suitcases and head off to explore the beaches on your gorgeous island holiday.