Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Camping Trailer with Proper Maintenance

There are three types of vacationers: people who want the comfort of staying in four-star hotels or cruise ships, the ones who want to immerse themselves in nature by camping in a tent, and the ones who appreciate nature but still want premium comfort and amenities. If you belong to the third group, a camper trailer is the right thing for you. But, in order for your hotel on wheels to be nice and clean for many years; you need to take care of it with some camping trailer maintenance, especially in the off season. 

Camping Trailer Maintenance to Prolong its Lifespan

Costs vs. costs

Undoubtedly, when you purchased your trailer, it was a hefty sum. So, when it comes to cleaning and caring for one, make sure you don’t miss a spot. Whether you are parking it away until next spring; or getting it ready for the next trip; give it the best care you can. With proper maintenance; it can look as new for many years, and you will agree that it costs less to maintain it than to replace a part or do a major overhaul.

Camping Trailer Maintenance to Prolong its Lifespan

Regular cleaning

To begin with, you need to wash it with a mild detergent. You can use a garden hose or a specialized wash self-service to hose off the dirt and road grime between the trips. Dust and insects will inevitably cake on the windshield, bonnet and headlights, so getting these off after every trip is important. At the end of the camping season, give it a more thorough wash. If it has mosquito screens make sure to inspect them before each trip to make sure they are not torn. With defective screens a romantic camping night by the river can turn into a buzzing nightmare.

Camping Trailer Maintenance to Prolong its Lifespan, Caravan

Inspecting for road safety

In order to have all the amenities a modern trailer can offer; make sure that your grey water tanks, LP gas and black water tanks are in order and filled accordingly. Unless your travel trailer or caravan came with a fire extinguisher, put one in just in case. RVs are not just vehicles, but rather wheeled homes with electric installations and a kitchen area so a functioning smoke alarm and an LPG leak detector can save you and your family’s lives. Take time to inspect the tyres before every trip and replace or repair as needed. If your trailer sits in a sun for a longer time, purchase a set of tyre covers that will prevent them from cracking.

Camping Trailer Maintenance to Prolong its Lifespan

Roof rust and damage

Out of sight out of mind, but many people forget to check the roof. When you drive through a wooded area; low hanging limbs can scratch and damage the top paint, exposing the metal to rust. Some trailers even come have a ladder for easier roof access. By using a good rust converter you can convert the rust into an inert compound that is more resistant to moisture and adds another layer of protection. While you are on the roof, check the A/C cover for damage or debris.

Camping Trailer Maintenance to Prolong its Lifespan

Check the awning

If your trailer came with an awning; roll it out after the each trip and check for frayed areas or tears. If you used it as a shelter during the rain, and had no time to let it dry before moving on; make sure it is dry and free of leaves and other debris before you roll it up for the winter. The awning is an expensive feature and by taking proper care of it, you are taking good care of your investment.

Preparing your trailer for winter is important as taking care of it after every trip. By following these camping trailer maintenance steps you will ensure a long life for your trailer and many happy camping trips.

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