Burano – A Colorful Trip From Venice

Located in the Venetian lagoon, Burano Island near Venice in Italy makes for an amazing day trip when staying in Venice. The place actually consists of five islands separated by canals and connected with one another by photogenic bridges—it is like a little sister of Venice. Burano lies only 40 minutes away by boat, the typical Venetian “vaporretti”, from Venice. Vaporretto 12 travels from Fondament Nove in Venice to Burano and back, on the way also stopping at the island of Murano.

Burano Island Venice Italy: Picturesque canal in Burano
Picturesque canal in Burano

Burano Island Venice Italy

Colourful Burano

Venice gets overwhelmingly crowded around midday and in the afternoon and this is when the city is best avoided. Luckily, Burano makes for a fine refuge. I strongly recommend dedicating some time to explore the other islands in the Venetian lagoon during the day, thus avoiding the enormous crowds that flood Venice. Make sure, however, to spend some time in Venice in the early morning and in the evening, before and after the huge crowds, in other words.

Burano is unbelievably picturesque. It is without question one of the most colorful places in the world.

Burano Island Venice Italy: Colourful houses in Burano
Colourful houses in Burano

Burano Island Attractions

The main attractions on the island are the dazzlingly colourful buildings, beautiful canals, restaurants serving delicious seafood, pizzas and pastas, and lace shops.

It’s a small place, though, and seeing every corner of it shouldn’t take much longer than two to three hours. I think that that adds something extra to the island’s appeal. Personally, I always like it when I can cover an entire destination within a few hours. That leaves much more time to wander through particular areas that I like, to enjoy local delicacies, or to visit a fascinating museum.

Burano Island Venice Italy: Lace store in Burano
Lace store in Burano

Because it is possible to visit Burano in just one afternoon, including the boat rides between Burano and Venice, it is a great and strongly recommended place to visit if you want to avoid the midday crowds in Venice.

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