The Best Hikes in the World to Put on Your Bucket List

Whether your idea of the perfect hike is a leisurely stroll along Spain’s sandy coastline; or climbing up the face of a towering mountain in the US; there’s nothing quite like getting out there and exploring the amazing world we live in on foot. Some of these bucket list hikes reward trekkers with unparalleled views; a challenge only for the bravest and once-in-a-lifetime experiences you literally won’t get anywhere else. But one thing all the bucket list hikes have in common is that they’re so incredible they definitely deserve a place on your bucket list.

Bucket list hikes, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, sun gate
The view of Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate

Bucket List Hikes from around the World

The Inca Trail in Peru

Not one for beginners; the Inca Trail in Peru covers 43k and takes 4 days to complete, meaning you’ve got to camp out for 3 nights under the South American stars. The immense journey begins just after Cusco along the Urubamba River and ends at the Sun Gate – the iconic spot from where all the famous Machu Picchu pics are taken.

Although the incredible Inca stone creation is definitely the highlight of the trip, you see loads of other cool stuff along the Inca Trail, too, including remote villages where Inca is still the primary language, ancient ruins shrouded in mystery and stunning vistas of deep ravines.

Everest - the highest peak in the world
Everest – the highest peak in the world

Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal

One of the most famous treks in the world; the Everest Base Camp hike is 130k long and takes at least 12 days to finish, so prepare yourself for lots of chilly nights. The world-renowned walk starts at Kathmandu and ends, as you might have expected, at the base camp site at Everest.

As if climbing part of the highest peak in the world wasn’t enough for one journey; along the Everest Base Camp Trek you’ll also get to immerse yourself in the fascinating Sherpa culture, discover traditional tea houses and visit intriguing museums that provide you an even deeper insight into the locals and their heritage.

Emerald Lakes in Tongariro National Park
Emerald Lakes in Tongariro National Park

Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand

The shortest trek on this list, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing covers just 19k and can be done in a single day for anyone of reasonable fitness. The amazing walk takes place within the Tongariro Alpine National Park; a UNESCO dual World Heritage Site, beginning at Mangatepopo Valley and ending in a lush, dense forest.

There are so many incredible things to see along this hike that there are almost too many to name. From immense mountain craters and brilliant green lakes to dramatic volcanic landscapes and alien-like lava flows; you won’t forget this walk in a hurry!

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