Broken Hill Travel Guide: Attractions and Things to Do

Central time zone sign by side of road, Crossing the time zone on the Broken Hill to Menindee Road
Crossing the time zone on the Broken Hill to Menindee Road: Photo © Amanda Slater on Flickr

Broken Hill is one of the largest outback towns in South Wales, close to the borders of South Australia and Victoria. The city is well-known for its mining prosperity over the years. Mining of silver, zinc and bronze is a lucrative endeavour, and the city’s architecture can attest to that. There are numerous things to do in Broken Hill, including enjoying various historical and modern art and road trips through the desert landscape. If you love art or you want a place to live life at your own pace, then you should plan a trip to Broken Hill. Here’s your Broken Hill travel guide to attractions and activities for your visit.

Outback road trips and tours

Kangaroo in tall grass in Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Kangaroo in Flinders Ranges, South Australia: Photo © Brian McMahon on Unsplash

The perfect way to experience Broken Hill is by taking a journey through the vast desert landscape. You will have fun exploring the red-earthed outback and the beautiful attractions on the road. You can drive through Kinchega National Park and Flinders Ranges. Or go all the way to Silver town, which is a few kilometres away. Boat tours through the Menindee Lakes are adventurous; there are wild animals such as kangaroos who live near the lake. However, during the scorching summer season, there is barely any water.

Museums and art galleries

Broken Hill is the home for historical museums and art galleries. The art galleries feature local and international artists. The art exhibits include paintings from famous artists, pictures and sculptures. The paintings and sculptures are mostly inspired by the mining activities in the area. Apart from the Pro Hart Gallery, you can also go to Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery. The locals use art to showcase their culture. Therefore, you can experience the fantastic culture and creativity through the handmade jewelry, large pictures and metal sculptures

Daydream Mine

Rock Sculpture in Living Desert Reserve, Broken Hill
Rock Sculpture in Living Desert Reserve, Broken Hill

Just a few kilometres north of Broken Hill, you will find the famous Daydream Mine. The history of the mining site comes alive as you go into the tunnels. The underground mining site has three levels worth exploring to get a feel of what mining is all about. You can also view the mine smelter from up the hill. Before going to the Daydream Mine ensure you book a tour in advance to avoid disappointment. You can find Broken Hill travel guide and tourist information for various trips and bookings.

Cycling in Broken Hill

The Living Desert Reserve has terrific cycling and walking trails where you can enjoy the sprawling landscape. You can also cycle to Menindee Lakes or around the numerous biking trails in Broken Hill.

Watching the sunset

Sandstone rocks, Broken Hill travel guide, Hawkesbury Sandstone at Freshwater Beach, Sydney NSW
Hawkesbury Sandstone at Freshwater Beach, originated from Broken Hill : Photo © Pete The Poet on Flickr

Sunsets are beautiful in the outback town. If you want to enjoy evenings in Broken Hill, you should visit Mundi Mundi lookout in Silverton. You can have an uninterrupted view of the sun going down and the surrounding landscape. The Living Desert Reserve and Symposium also provides a spectacular view of the sunset along with the 12 sandstone sculptures. The view of the sculptures from the hill is magnificent and worth a visit. The reserve also has hiking trails. However, you may not want to hike under the hot sun.

Broken Hill accommodation

Argent Street with cars and buildings, Broken Hill travel guide
Argent Street, Broken Hill: Photo © Serendignity on Flickr

Broken Hill has plenty of places to stay during your vacation. If you are looking for self-contained accommodation, Broken Hill Heritage Cottages are perfect. It has a range of cottages in different locations. Therefore, you can choose to live near the attractions or close to the city.

If you want a tiny piece of paradise in the desert, then Broken Hill is the place to be. It is a peaceful place to relax and enjoy various outdoor activities.

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