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Australia’s third most populous city and the biggest city in Queensland is not only interesting during the daytime. Brisbane has a vibrant nightlife as well. After Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane receives the most foreign tourists in the county. Many of them decide to go out at night after a whole of sightseeing. For everyone over 18, there is are myriad night clubs, bars and pubs to visit and have fun at. They play all genres of music. As well, they offer a wide array of foods and drinks and include various forms of entertainment. Regardless of whether you’re an Aussie or a foreign tourist craving to experience Brisbane nightlife, here is a short list of the places where you can spend a night to remember.

The Flying Cock: The weekend party hub in Brisbane

Located at 388 Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley, The Flying Cock is one of the most “in” places in the entire city for the weekends. This is the place where youngsters from 18 to 25 go out every weekend. They have a great variety of drinks you can find in any American or Australian pub. Furthermore, The Flying Cock offers delicious fruit cocktails. You can sip them while answering questions during a trivia quiz night or while watching a sporting event. However, if you are a real party animal, then Friday night is the right time to come here. On Fridays, they play modern hip hop and pop music. As far as the food is concerned, they offer typical pub grub that you can eat either inside or in the outside seating area.

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Eleven Rooftop Bar: A night out with a view

Fortitude Valley has another hospitality jewel located at 757 Ann Street on the—you’ve guessed it—11th level. Eleven Rooftop Bar is a scenic and posh way to spend your evening. It is reflected in the age of the clientele as people mostly in their thirties come here. Like The Flying Cock, the weekends are the busiest hours in this establishment. Here guests can sit and enjoy a 270-degree view of the city and its surroundings. The food is served until 10 PM. So, Eleven is a great place to come with your mates and have a meal before you hit the town and party all night. However, keep in mind that there is a clear dress code inside the bar. Both men and women should wear smart to casual clothes. You can’t walk into Eleven wearing an unbuttoned T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

Prohibition: Party like it’s 1922

At 206 Wickham Street, you will find a place called Prohibition. Don’t let the name fool you. They do serve alcohol here. And what’s more, this is a place to come during the week, not only on the weekends. Typically, the busiest days are between Thursday and Saturday. At Prohibition you will see people of all ages in trades. Keep in mind there is a $10 entry fee on Thursday, which is Manhattan Night. It is well worth it because you get to experience the unique decor that brings you back to the bootlegging era.

Shows start at 8 PM, offering different music at not one but two stages, The Blind Tiger Bar and the main hall. Thanks to local yet world-class entertainment enterprises like Velvet Rope Entertainment, guests get a chance to enjoy to Australia’s most promising shows here. Prohibition is a place where people come to relax and dance their way into the Prohibition Era.

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Full Moon Hotel: A party at the beach

Since Brisbane is located at the Pacific coast, no nightlife review would be complete without a beach bar. Lots of them are situated on the beaches and island running from Caboolture all the way down to down to the Gold Coast. Out of the bars you can find here, perhaps the best can be found in Sandgate. The Full Moon Hotel bar is the most iconic one. Essentially, it is a classic pub which offers great food.

Like Eleven, it is a great place to go for the evening meal before hitting the town. If you are not up for any dancing, then you can walk out onto the beach and have a sip of wine surrounded by palm trees. If you arrive before sunset, you can use the time to enjoy the scenery. While your meal is being prepared you can take a scenic walk around the cozy community of Sandgate.

As you have seen from just the four places listed here, it is never dull in the vibrant Brisbane metropolitan area after dark. There are so many excellent nightclubs (and gay cruise bars) to choose from. The ones we listed here merely present the starting point that you can surpass in a single night!

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