Can You Bring Zyns on a Plane?

If you are using Zyns to quit smoking, you may feel like you need to have them with you at all times.

Luckily, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has no restrictions on smoke-free nicotine products, including gums, lozenges, and in this case, Zyn pouches. 

You are welcome to take Zyns on a plane, but you must follow the TSA’s rules regarding tobacco products. You can pack Zyns in your carry-on bag or checked luggage, and you should declare your Zyns at customs when your plane lands.

You’ll have to confirm with the airline whether you can use your Zyns during your flight.

However, you can still have them close by for easy access once you’re off the plane.

Can You Take Zyns in Your Carry-On?

Nicotine pouches on a black surface.

You can take Zyns in your carry-on bag – you just pack them the same way you pack your other personal items. 

Zyns are not liquid or traditional tobacco products, so there aren’t established restrictions on the amount you can bring on the plane. 

If you have any questions, send a message to AskTSA on Facebook Messenger or Twitter, and they’ll clarify the current rules.

Can You Take Zyns in Your Checked Bag?

You can take your Zyns on the plane in a checked bag. 

The TSA does not usually restrict things packed in checked luggage. 

However, there may be limitations on the amount you can bring back with you regarding tobacco products such as Zyns, chewing tobacco, or cigarettes. 

The rules about tobacco and nicotine products vary by country, so I suggest confirming what’s permitted at your destination before getting to the airport.

Can You Use Zyns on a Plane?

Close-up photo of a person's hand holding a nicotine pouch.

Whether you can use Zyns on a plane is at the discretion of each airline. 

Most airlines do not permit the use of tobacco products while on board the aircraft.

Even though you don’t smoke Zyns, you likely won’t be allowed to have the pouches in your mouth while on the plane. 

Confirm with your airline ahead of time to avoid awkward conversations while in the air.

Can You Travel Internationally With Zyns?

You can fly internationally with Zyns if you depart from or arrive in the United States. 

Just keep in mind that some countries have restrictions on bringing tobacco products in. 

You will need to go through customs at your destination, and you must tell them what items you’re bringing into the country. 

If you aren’t sure if specific governments allow Zyns on planes or allow Zyns into the country, confirm (in advance) with border security in that country.

Do You Have to Declare Zyns at Customs?

Nicotine pouches on a person's hand and on the black table.

You have to declare your Zyns at customs when you enter the United States (and other countries), as there is a limit to the number of tobacco products you can bring into each country. 

If you declare something that is prohibited in a specific country, they will likely confiscate it. 

If you have too much of an item, they may allow you to keep the maximum amount, but you may face duties or taxes on the extra – or they may just take it.

If you do not declare an item and get caught with it, there are various penalties you could face.

I highly recommend doing a little research to ensure you’re permitted to bring Zyns into the country you’re visiting. 

What‘s the Best Way to Pack Zyns For a Flight?

If you take a small amount of Zyns on a flight and want to have them when your plane lands, it’s best to keep them in their packaging and put them in your carry-on bag. 

The packaging is also small enough to put in your pocket. 

If you pack your Zyns in your checked luggage, you may want to place the container in a small plastic bag in case it opens while in transit. 

If you are already checking a bag and won’t need your Zyns immediately, packing them in the checked bag might be the easier option.

Can You Take Cigarettes on a Plane?

A pack of Marlboro cigarettes is on the table.

You can take cigarettes and other tobacco products on a plane in your carry-on or checked bags. 

The TSA won’t restrict the number of cigarettes you pack in your hand luggage, but whatever you bring will be subject to the weight limits of the airline and the customs limits at your destination. 

Most countries allow passengers to bring in 200 cigarettes, but you’ll have to confirm the official amounts with customs at your port of entry.


If you use Zyns and are planning a trip, you might be wondering if you can take them on the plane with you. 

Fortunately, Zyns fall under the same regulations as most tobacco products. 

You can pack them in either your carry-on luggage or your checked bags, but you likely won’t be able to use them while you are on the plane. 

Some airlines may allow you to use Zyns while on a flight, but it’s good to check with them before you try it. 

To avoid uncomfortable situations when flying into other countries, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and declare your Zyns (and other tobacco products) when you go through customs.