Can You Bring An Xbox On A Plane?

Yes, you can bring an Xbox or any other video game console on a plane in either your checked luggage or carry-on bags. 

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), there are no restrictions concerning bringing a console or accessories, like Xbox controllers, onto a plane. 

How to Pack Consoles in Luggage 

The main thing to think about when bringing consoles on a plane is how to pack them correctly so that they don’t get broken. 

Thus, let’s examine the best ways to pack your game console and which bag is better to put it in. 

Packing Game Consoles in Carry-On Bags

Overall, packing your game console in your carry-on bag is better than bringing it in a checked bag. 

A carry-on is preferable because you can keep your expensive console close to you. 

Also, the risk of theft goes down since your game station will always remain in your sight. 

However, a game console can be heavy. 

For example, an Xbox Series X weighs close to 10 pounds. 

Thus, you may want to place it in your checked bags if you need the room in your carry-on bag. 

You should also keep in mind that you will need to place your Xbox or any other game console in the overhead bin when you board the plane. 

So, if you can’t comfortably lift at least ten pounds up to the overhead bins, you’ll either need to place your console in your checked bag or ask someone else to lift it for you. 

Additionally, if your airline has weight limits for carry-ons, you may not want your Xbox in your hand luggage. 

How to Pack Video Game Consoles in a Carry-On Bag

First of all, it’s best if you can get a carrying case made for your console. 

These cases are padded and give you space to pack all your extra items like your video game controllers. 

But, if you don’t have a gaming console carrying case, you can also use any other small bag as your carry-on. 

Then, to pack, you should unplug all cords to reduce the chance of any connections getting damaged. 

Then, TSA rules ask that you wrap all the cords up

You should also take out any game discs to reduce the risk of them getting scratched or broken during travel. 

Finally, you ought to keep all electronic devices in your carry-on away from items that could cause damage, such as liquids.  

Packing Game Consoles in Checked Luggage 

Although you can pack your console in checked baggage, many people would rather not do so. 

They fear that baggage handlers might handle their console roughly or that someone may steal it. 

But, you can pack your console in your checked baggage if you want. 

How to Pack Video Game Consoles in Checked Baggage 

When packing consoles in checked bags, you should follow the same rules as if you packed them in your carry-on. 

However, since there is a larger chance of damage in a checked bag, you need to take a bit more caution. 

Mainly, you need to remember to wrap any expensive electronics in bubble wrap or clothes to keep them from moving around too much. 

Thus, if handlers or security agents handle your bags roughly, there is a buffer to help prevent damage. 

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Going Through Airport Security With Xboxes or Other Game Consoles

If you’ve decided to bring your Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or any other device in your carry-on, you will need to go through airport security with the console. 

Of course, the TSA security checkpoint can be intimidating, but you shouldn’t have any issues. 

The only important thing to remember when taking your game system through the security checkpoint is that you will have to take it out of your bag and place it in a bin. 

In fact, you need to place any item larger than the average cell phone in a separate bin when you go through the airport security checkpoint. 

You have to take out large electronics during x-ray screening because they block the x-ray machine and the TSA agent from seeing the other items in your hand luggage. 

So, since you’ll need to remove your Xbox, you should make it easily accessible in your bag. 

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Can I Bring My Xbox as a Personal Item?

Technically, yes. 

However, rules about personal item size vary by airline. 

For example, on American Airlines, your personal belonging can have dimensions up to 18 x 14 x 8 inches. 

And, since the Xbox One has dimensions of 13.1 x 10.8 x 3.1 inches, you could bring it as a personal belonging on AA. 

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So, an avid gamer can definitely take an Xbox on a plane. 

They just need to ensure they pack it correctly and put it in a separate tray when they go through security.