Can You Bring Vaseline on a Plane?

Vaseline, with its wide variety of uses, is a must-have product when traveling.

The petroleum jelly can help keep your skin and lips moist, soothe your blisters, and also be used as a makeup remover. But, is it allowed on a plane?

Vaseline is allowed on a plane, albeit with certain restrictions. You see, Vaseline is considered a liquid and as such, is subjected to the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquid rule. This means an individual is only allowed to carry 3.4 oz (100ml) bottles of Vaseline in his/her clear quart-sized bag as a carry-on. Though the person can carry more than one container of Vaseline, the bottles cannot exceed 3.4 oz (100ml).

So, even if you have 3.4 ounces of Vaseline left in a 13 oz. tub, the tub will be confiscated as the size of the tub is regulated, not the amount of Vaseline left in the tub.

How Much Vaseline Can You Carry in Your Checked Luggage?

Last I checked, there are no restrictions on the amount of Vaseline you can carry in your checked bags.

And, even if we are to assume the application of the 18 oz or 500 ml ‘checked luggage’ liquid bottle rule usually imposed on aerosols and flammable liquids, you can still carry the largest tub of Vaseline available on the market (13 oz) without any problem.

What Is The Best Way To Pack Vaseline Gel For Travel?

Vaseline must always be packed in sealed containers.

Though Vaseline normally does come in a sealed container, it is always a good idea to check the container properly for defects before you take it with you.

If everything’s good, then I’d recommend you add an extra layer of security by keeping the container in a zipped bag.

So, even if the Vaseline container does open up, the zipped bag will ensure the petroleum jelly doesn’t get to your belongings.  

Is There Any Way You Can Take a Larger Tub of Vaseline In a Carry-On?

Yes, there is a way that you can take a larger than 3.4oz (100ml) tub of Vaseline in your carry-on. 

You’d simply need to classify it as a medically-necessary liquid and notify the TSA officers beforehand. 

Then, as you go through the security check, you’d need to place the tub in a separate bin for X-ray screening.

And, the best part about this loophole is that you don’t even need a doctor’s note to prove that you need Vaseline for medical purposes.  

Why Is It a Good Idea To Travel With Vaseline?

Over the course of the article, I’ve mentioned time and again the usefulness of Vaseline in your travels. 

However, I haven’t got the chance to get into specifics yet. So, let me use this chance to really sell Vaseline.

Petroleum jelly can be used as a makeup remover, hair wax, lip moisturizer, and scrub base.

Additionally, it can be used to smooth unruly brows, preserve fragrances, intensify makeup, soothe blisters, soften skin, unstick your zipper, and add volume to your lashes and shine to your shoes.


Now that you’ve understood how useful Vaseline is, it’s time to carry it along with you on your travels.

Thankfully, there’s no restriction of sorts when it comes to carrying Vaseline in your checked luggage. 

You can take as much Vaseline as you want in your checked bag as long as your luggage doesn’t exceed the airline’s weight limit.

However, such liberties aren’t provided to those who wish to take Vaseline along with them in their carry-on.

Since Vaseline is categorized as liquid, there’s a restriction on the size of the Vaseline tub you can carry in your carry-on. 

You can only carry Vaseline in travel-size bottles under 3.4 oz (100 ml) in your carry-on.

Finally, before concluding this piece, I’d like to add that the final decision, on the amount of Vaseline you can take with you on a plane, depends on the TSA security agent checking you. 

If he or she, for some odd reason, decides not to let you board the plane with Vaseline, it is well within his or her right to do so.