Can You Bring Skates On A Plane? (TSA Dos and Don’ts)

Whether headed to the Venice Boardwalk or just an avid enthusiast, roller skaters and rollerbladers often want to travel with their skate equipment.

Both the TSA and individual airlines determine what’s permitted onboard an aircraft, so understanding the rules is key to a smooth flight.

According to the TSA, roller skates and rollerblades are allowed on planes in either carry-on or checked luggage. Airlines also allow skates on board, but they must fit within the approved size and weight for carry-on or checked bags. Baggage that is oversized or overweight may be subject to additional fees.

This article outlines the policies around bringing roller skates and rollerblades on a plane and discusses optimal packing methods and whether travelers can wear their skates in an airport.

Can You Bring Roller Skates or Rollerblades Through Security at US Airports?

White and blue roller skates on a blue background.

Passengers can bring both roller skates and rollerblades through security at US airports. 

The TSA allows both types of skates in carry-on and checked bags and does not specify any required packing methods.

That said, while the TSA may allow roller skates or rollerblades through security, travelers must confirm with their airline whether these items are permitted onboard their flight.

Airline Policies on Roller Skates and Rollerblades

In general, airlines view roller skates and rollerblades as normal carry-on items.

However, most airlines regulate the size and weight of carry-on bags, so when packing skates, ensure they fit within the limits.

Additionally, many airlines have rules regarding powered or motorized skates, so before packing your bags, contact the airline directly to confirm the rules.

Can You Pack Roller Skates or Rollerblades in a Carry-on?

Passengers can pack roller skates or rollerblades in their carry-on as long as they don’t make the bag larger or heavier than the airline’s limit.

Fortunately, the average pair of skates are small enough to fit into a backpack or carry-on bag, so bringing them shouldn’t be a problem.

Can You Pack Roller Skates or Rollerblades in Checked Luggage?

Some passengers prefer to travel light, packing as much as possible in their checked luggage.

The TSA and most airlines allow roller skates and rollerblades in checked bags; however, while skates are typically compact, they can still add extra weight. 

It’s important to confirm the maximum weight and size of checked luggage before packing your skates, as oversized and/or overweight luggage can incur additional fees.

Additionally, while skates are durable sportswear and should hold up well against any jerky movements or rough handling, it’s still a good idea to pack them securely.

When packing, pad your skates with clothing or something soft and keep them away from the sides of your luggage, as that is how most items are damaged in flight. 

Just keep in mind that a downside to putting anything in checked luggage is the risk of the airline losing the bag. 

While this doesn’t always happen, passengers may want to consider an air tag to keep track of their suitcases or buy good travel insurance to offset any replacement costs.

Can You Pack Skate Tools?

Skate tools are fine to pack in checked baggage but will likely draw unwanted attention if brought in a carry-on – especially if they have any pointy edges.

To avoid delays at the airport, don’t attempt to bring any sharp objects through security.

Wrap all tools so they won’t injure anyone inspecting your bag and put them in checked luggage.

Like the skates themselves, tools can add extra weight to your baggage, so depending on the length and purpose of your trip, it may be easiest to leave them at home.

What’s the Best Way to Pack Roller Skates and Rollerblades?

Pink and white rollerblades on the ground together with other rollerblades.

The safest and most convenient way to pack roller skates or rollerblades is in a carrying case or bag and brought onboard as a carry-on item. 

A bag designed for skates is ideal; however, a backpack or tote will do the trick. 

Depending on the airline, passengers may be allowed one or two carry-on items, so you’ll have to check your flight details to determine the best way to carry on your skates.

Whether storing your skates in the overhead bins or putting them in checked luggage, it’s best to wrap them in clothing or a towel and/or pad them with something soft to ensure they arrive safely at your final destination.

Travelers who want to be extra cautious or save a little space can remove the wheels and either pack them separately or place them inside the skates – just remember to pack the tools for reattaching them in checked bags. 

Can You Wear Roller Skates or Rollerblades at the Airport?

Unfortunately, travelers must abandon their dreams of rollerblading through security – airports do not allow guests to wear roller skates or rollerblades inside the building.

Even if the airport is empty, it’s wise to keep skates packed safely away to avoid any confrontations with airport security.


Generally speaking, air travelers can bring roller skates and rollerblades on their flights in either carry-on or checked luggage. 

The TSA will allow skates through security, but it’s best to confirm if the airline has any particular rules regarding these items.

When packing skates, secure them safely inside your bag with plenty of padding. 

Additionally, no matter how you’re traveling with your skates, ensure your bag(s) are within the size and weight limits permitted by the airline.

Lastly, passengers carrying on their skates must keep them packed away while in the airport, as skating is not allowed in the terminal.